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NEWS NUGGETS #Newsletter#Event#Update

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is well. Here, weather continues to be nasty with rain changing over to snow and all the water which fell over the last two days freezing in spots. I decided to stay home. Campbell had a … Continue reading

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Thursday photo prompt: Chill #writephoto

Here’s a great way to promote yourselves while letting your muse run free. As I read this I was reminded of what Campbell and I found as we made our way outside yesterday morning after a night of wintery weather. … Continue reading

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WORDPRESS WEDNESDAY-AUTHOR’S CORNER: Winter Through the Senses #Poetry

The incredible posts just keep on coming here on this wonderful WordPress Wednesday. Here’s author Abbie Johnson Taylor with a great poem to get you in the mood for winter.   via Winter Through the Senses #Poetry

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Sickness, Campbell, and Kitty

Good morning. I hope everyone is doing well on this Moon Day morning. Here, I’m feeling rather bleh! I hate to be negative. Goes against all I stand for but this morning I’m finding it hard to do anything else. … Continue reading

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Last Official Day of Summer and Mabon Reflections

The following will be posted several places, if this is a repeat for you please accept my apology. Today is the last official day of Summer, tomorrow is the first official day of Fall, and I don’t know about yawl … Continue reading

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SATURDAY SURPRISE: Tales from the Irish Garden Serialisation – Chapter Three – Winter: A Place of Sanctuary by Sally Cronin

Good evening everyone. I’m delighted to be back here in campbellsworld. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d manage another post of any kind at all this evening, but it appears the evil tech gremlins which plagued me for much of this … Continue reading

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Sunday a Clean Slate On Which To Draw

Good morning campbellsworld visitors. Here we are on Sunday weekend’s gone and a new week’s begun. When I woke just after 5 this morning I knew today would be a better day than yesterday had been. Standing barefoot in the … Continue reading

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Smorgasbord Short Stories – Tales from the Garden – The Last Summer Ball and the Winter Fairy – Part One by Sally Cronin

via Smorgasbord Short Stories – Tales from the Garden – The Last Summer Ball and the Winter Fairy – Part One by Sally Cronin Good morning campbellsworld visitors. I love these stories and you will too. Click the link and … Continue reading

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Fabulous Frozen Friday! In the Campbell Kingdom!

Good morning CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS! Campbell and I are way glad you’ve stopped by, and we invite you to grab a cup of your favorite morning brew, pull up a comfy chair, and set a spell with us. Because as is … Continue reading

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Holidays Memories Traditions Miracles and more

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. It’s almost Christmas here in the Campbell Kingdom. Looks like it’s gonna be a warm one this year, and I have to say, I’m kind of glad. I know there are some who … Continue reading

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