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Heartwings Love Notes 976 Festival of Rebirth by Tasha Halpert #Author’sCorner #WordPressWednesday

Heartwings Love Notes 976 Festival of Rebirth By: Tasha Halpert http://www.heartwingsandfriends.com. Heartwings says: “Spring brings festivals of rebirth.” As I look around my home, I see the dust and disarray that has gathered during the low light of the winter … Continue reading

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WORDPRESS WEDNESDAY-POETRY PLACE: Remembering Persephone a Poem by Lynda McKinney Lambert

Slowly, Suddenly, Remembering Persephone. A poem by Lynda McKinney Lambert Read more at:  https://www.lyndalambert.com/persephone/  

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The Insanity of Birds

I feed the cats. The birds come. Eat the cat food, drink the cat’s water, and hop up and down on the deck. Flapping their wings. With great joy, their voices sing. Somewhere in the distance the cats sleep, yet … Continue reading

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AUTHORS, THEY’RE ONLY HUMAN: Enjoying the Day Mightily #Fabulous Friday!

It’s cloudy and cool at just 61 Degrees F. with a chance for scattered rain and thunderstorms, but Campbell and I have been enjoying the day mightily. After having a restful night’s sleep, our day began at just after 5:00 … Continue reading

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AUTHOR’S CORNER: Spring Rain by author Abbie Johnson Taylor

Good morning campbellsworld visitors and poetry lovers everywhere. This morning as we begin to wrap up poetry month Abbie Johnson Taylor shares with us a beautifully written poem. If you enjoy please let her know. Make sure to continue reading … Continue reading

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SUNDAY MUSE: Swallowed

They walked through the half-frozen grass, their lungs filled with the bite of the spring air the warm sun shining on their backs as they went. The beast walked alongside her sniffing at the edges of the fence his nose … Continue reading

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A friend and co-author said to me not long ago, “Is the fool who laments on what cannot be helped.” Well, she was right. So, Campbell and I have gotten out and taken ourselves a walk. We walked all the … Continue reading

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Positive Perspective: Week-End Campbell Kingdom Review and Welcome New CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!!

Hello! And Welcome! I’m really glad all of you stopped by. First let me say a Big Hello! To all our new friends here in campbellsworld. We’re really glad to have you, and we hope you enjoy what you find … Continue reading

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