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Pets Our First Family by Trish Hubschman

Trish and I would like to invite you to click over and enjoy this heartwarming post. This story is one of the very first ones that Trish and I worked on together. That is to say, that she wrote, and … Continue reading

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Prayers for Campbell.

Hello everyone. I am sending this a few places, so if it is a repeat for some I apologize. I would like to ask your prayers energy vibes what have you for Campbell. For quite some time now he has … Continue reading

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Had a wonderful shower, clothes drying. Sitting in a beautiful patch of sun. When I got out of the shower and discovered my clothes were not dry I put on a T-shirt and shorts. It’s that warm. When Campbell said … Continue reading

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AUTHORS, THEY’RE ONLY HUMAN: Christmas Mittens and Silver Bells by Phyllis Staton Campbell #Holidays

Good Christmas Eve everyone. From now until the first of the year or until I run out of stories, I’ll be sharing holiday goodies from my fellow authors and clients. Here, to start us off is an excerpt from Friendships … Continue reading

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Good morning, and happy Thanksgiving to all. Today, for me, it is truly a special day, for not only do I have a big turkey readying to cook in my kitchen sink, a wonderful chocolate fudge pie begging to be … Continue reading

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AUTHORS, THEY’RE ONLY HUMAN: Musings On Faith and Gratefulness #Journal

The following comes from my morning’s Journal. May something within give you peace… *WORDCOUNT 1,667*   NOVEMBER 27, 2019. MOON PHASE WAXING CRESCENT. TAROT DRAW ACE OF SWORDS UPRIGHT. Draining my coffee cup I did as I always do as … Continue reading

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The Voice of Peace, Positivity, and Love Can Override Hatefulness, Negativity Meanness and Strife Pass It On #World Peace#Journal

The following piece first appeared on my Facebook timeline this morning. I’d be ever grateful if you’d pass this on. Love and Light can prevail. Must Prevail else our world will be lost. Here now is this morning’s post… Good … Continue reading

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