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A Word of Thanks and a Bit About Me

I’d like to thank everyone for all the support you give me each day. Many of you are visiting, liking, following and sharing my pages, and joining in my groups sharing the work of my clients and more. I can’t … Continue reading

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Good morning Campbellsworld visitors and followers everywhere. I hope this message finds you doing super great. Since I’m awake in the night dealing with some back and neck pain and need a distraction I have decided to update everyone as … Continue reading

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Positive Perspective: Good News Sunday, Snow, and Figuring It Out

Good Awesome Sunday Morning! I’m really glad all yall stopped by. Gonna snow later, and we might not visit again for a few days. Probably but you never know. This morning is as the title proclaims, Good News Sunday. What … Continue reading

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Saturn’s Day In the Campbell Kingdom: Everything Is Magik

This day started out like many others here. Campbell and I had gone to bed early last evening, and only briefly waking in the night, we found ourselves waking round 4:30 or so in the morning. Campbell lie waiting patiently … Continue reading

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Weekend Prep Trip

Good afternoon CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS! Campbell and I here, to tell you of our trip out to get ourselves ready for the weekend. As usual it couldn’t just a be a straight ‘forward’ trip to the store and home… NO! Not … Continue reading

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