Here’s a great post from Anne which reminds us that no matter what our struggle there are others struggling too but if we try we can help each other and make it through.

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February 2018 Monthly Astro Forecast 

via February 2018 Monthly Astro Forecast 

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If I Make it to 90

If I make it to 90

Jewniquely Myself

I love my Dad. He has always been there for me.

When I was little, he carried me on his shoulders. And when I got married, he walked me down the aisle.

He dished up ice cream sundaes and banana splits in good times, and cried hidden tears in bad.

But now that he’s past 90…

He needs to understand that when you live 2000 miles away, an unclear phone message means something. And even the lack of a message means something.

Once my Dad phoned the house and left the ominous message: Hi, Honey, it’s your Dad, call me.

Well , since my Dad never phoned me, this being the usual task assigned to my Mother, who wouldn’t assumed the worst? And So my husband dashed over to the shul where I was teaching fifth grade Sunday School students about Jewish sages. He wrangled the Principal out of her…

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Update from the Campbell kingdom(Post dictated) #Journal

Good morning to everyone and happy Friday to you!

I wanted to come on quickly, and update you on how Kim Campbell is doing.

I think you in advance for reading, liking, and commenting on this post.

I am dictating it, and I hope Apple dictation will not make too many mistakes.

Since Campbell’s returning home from the animal hospital, he is doing very well. We have switched his food, and it is agreeing with him very well. He has started eating again, taking his medication, and he is beginning to thrive.

This morning, I saw just how well he is doing. When he awoke after his morning nap, and wanted to go out I bundled up into my coat and fur-lined ankle boots, and we set out.

After a few laps around the house and yard, Campbell was ready to take a small journey. We went out of the gate, turn left, and Campbell began to pull.

He walked with his head up and tail wagging. He stopped and sniffed all his favorite places and read the messages all his doggy friends had left for him. I imagined they might be get well cards. 🙂

He dug in piles of frozen leaves and brush. He scented The icy wind as it blew into our faces. He snorted with glee.

We walked for 30 minutes. Of course we didn’t walk all that far, but being there with him was a most wonderful blessing.

He was so much himself nothing could have pleased me more.

Now, we are back in, he has had his water and a snuggle, and is curling up on the love seat to take his afternoon snooze!

Thanks to all of you for your wonderful loving support during this time.

I think we have dodged yet another bullet.

It is very trying to care for a senior dog just as it is to care for any senior family member or friend. But I would not have it any other way. I am so pleased to have him with me. So pleased that I get a little more time.

Thank you again for reading, and have a wonderful day.

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Creating a Rainbow


All in a Day's Breath

Hiker in view Rare Rainbow Halo

Broken Specter, the real name for the rare weather phenomena in the U.K.

“A hiker captured these magnificent images of a rare weather phenomenon that looks like a “rainbow halo” on top of an English mountain. 39-year-old Adrian Conchie was walking on a fell in the Lake District when he looked down and clocked the spectacular display, known as the Brocken specter. The dad-of-one described the moment, which took place at 11:30AM on New Year’s Eve, as “magical” and “absolutely incredible”. According to the Met Office, the Brocken specter appears when a person stands above the upper surface of a cloud—on a mountain or high ground—with the sun behind them. “When they view their shadow, the light is reflected back in such a way that a spooky circular ‘glory’ appears around the point directly opposite the sun,” the Met Office said.

Conchie, who runs…

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Blog Post Bio 2020

Lynda McKinney Lambert is an author/artist who lives in the Village of Wurtemburg, in Western Pennsylvania.

She is a published author, visual artist, public speaker, educator, retired professor of fine arts and humanities (Geneva College, Beaver Falls PA) – wife, mother, and grandmother. Lynda loves fine art, museums & art galleries, modern poetry, nature, history, travel, dreams, animals, and English literature.

She writes spare poems and thoughtful personal essays that appear in her published books, anthologies, and literary magazines.


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Update On King campbell’ A K A Bubba

King Campbell and I would like to invite you to click on over and have a look at his latest update.

We would also love it if you would like to follow and share our page.

We thank you for doing so. Have a great rest of your day.www.facebook.com/196761360863975/posts/675925936280846/

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Novel Touts Value of Knowing One’s Culture #Thursday Book Feature

My Corner

Pigs in Heaven: A Novel

by Barbara Kingsolver

Copyright 1993.

This is the sequel to The Bean Trees, which I reviewed here a couple of weeks ago. Taylor and her six-year-old adopted Indian daughter Turtle are living happily in Tucson, Arizona. While vacationing at The Grand Canyon, Turtle sees a man fall into a spillway. She and Taylor alert the authorities, and the story becomes national news.

As a result, Taylor and Turtle are asked to appear on the Oprah Winfrey show. In Oklahoma, a lawyer for the Cherokee Nation, after seeing Turtle on TV, questions the validity of the child’s adoption, which occurred three years earlier. When Taylor learns of the lawyer’s suspicion, she and Turtle hit the road. Her mother, who lives in Kentucky, travels to Oklahoma to visit her cousin and plead their case.

Parts of this story could have moved along faster, but otherwise, I…

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Jane Risdon – Ms Birdsong Investigates

Colette McCormick (on books and life in general)

Today, Jane Risdon tells us about a book we will hopefully be able to read in the near future.

1-20190612_130226 (2) Jane with Undercover and OOW not croppedIf you could only read one more book before reading became illegal what would it be and why?

Gosh, this is a difficult one. I really cannot think of just one book off the top of my head. I don’t have a favourite book as such. I have been reading many years and have read countless of thousands of books during that time. I suppose if I was being really pushed, and if there was a collection (possibly a boxed set) of all the Agatha Christie novels, I’d probably go for that. Sorry to be a pain, but I can never answer this question in relation to a favourite song or food either.


If you could be a character in any book, who would it be?

I think I’d love…

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