Introduce Yourself: Introducing Guest Author Dan Alatorre

Yall remember when I was featured on this blog? No…! Well, you must have not been following then. It’s here, hunt it up…

In the meantime, one of my favorite self-published authors is here!

He has lots of great things to say, but the one thing that caught my attention…

What’s the most difficult thing about being a writer? The most exciting thing?

The most exciting thing is creating words on a page that make people laugh, or make them cry, or open their minds or make them totally conceive of a world you created, and they go, hand in hand, your willing accomplice, into it with you. Playing them like a piano, knowing: get ready, get ready, here it comes, BOOM – they get to the sad part and they have tears streaming down their face, and then you insert a line and they are laughing through the tears. That is awesome. It’s a super power only writers possess. The worst thing? When it doesn’t work.

It takes me back to the early days of my first published book. A reader walked up to me and said, “WOW! Your book is real emotional. One minute I was laughing, next, I would cry, and in the next moment I was so angry I could reach right through the pages and rip out someone’s lungs.”

That’s when I knew I was successful…

Take a look, and get to know an author, who is surely to become a hit in the world of writing real soon.


Source: Introduce Yourself: Introducing Guest Author Dan Alatorre

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What Editing Software Can Teach You about Your Writing

This is great info! Do any of you authors, who use screen readers, know if any of these softwear products mentioned here, are screen reader friendly?

Thinking about using something like this.

Source: What Editing Software Can Teach You about Your Writing

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Happy! Super! Sunday! Thanks, and Countdown To Discharge!

Yall ready to celebrate! Ready to have a big bash? Well, me too! I tell you I’m more excited than a wild cat in a room filled with rats! What has me so riled up? Well, guys it’s about time to blow this pop-stand, gonna grab it, and growlwlwlwlwl real soon! On Woden’s Day)Wed of this week, we’re gonna hit the door, make like a leaf, and leave, gonna hit the road jack, and all that great junk!

We’re going home! Back to the original, the one, the only, Campbell Kingdom!

We’re ready, willing, and thanks to the fine folks here at Asbury Place Kingsport, we’re able to go.

Monday we’ll have our final day of Torture…Erm I mean, Physical Therapy, and if all goes well, we will get to video it.

We will be making final arrangements concerning home assistance, and all systems are one-hundred percent a go.

On Tuesday, we will go out with the top Slave Master, I mean, Physical Therapy Director for lunch, and then…Tada! We will be headed out of here the very next day.

We know, the real challenges will just be beginning, and we’d like to invite, and encourage you to continue to follow, and share our progress.

We couldn’t have gotten through all we have without your most magnificent support.

We’ve had troubles, and trials. We’ve had Triumphant days too, and none of it would’ve been possible, without all of you.

So, keep on with us, on further down the line, and we will make sure to let you know, of all the the new adventure, we find.

Make sure, to share our posts with your friends, cause you just never know, how this deal’s gonna end.

Until next time, this is Patty, who is way proud of all we’ve done, and King Campbell A.K.A Bubba, saying…
Make sure to always have fun.

May harmony find you, and blessid may you be.

For now, this is all, from Campbell, and me.


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What Do YOU Think?

So, Authors of, campbellsworld, what do you think? Want to know what I think? Well, I’m going to say…

I think it depends upon what you mean by “Help” If you mean, a beta reader, then yes, I’ll help. If you mean someone to critique, yes, I’ll help, maybe those are one and the same, not sure. I’ll say this, if you ask me my opinion, you’ll get it, straight up and no fluff.

You’ll never be a great writer without some spit and polish, and usually that means more spit than polish.

I will not, write someone’s work, meaning, I’m not going to redo half a book for someone. I had a friend who got mad, cause her editor would not rewrite half her book.

Well, hell! You want a ghost writer, then send your outline to me, and pay my fee, then we’ll talk, but you’re still gonna have to listen to what I say, so may as well take Dan’s advice, and “Get off your ass, and do it yourself.”

So, what say you? Let’s have an “Authorey conversation.”

Source: What Do YOU Think?

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A Fantasy Tip From History: Doo-Dooing The King

While I do not believe I’d like to have someone in bathroom with me to wipe my…! I do wish I had an assistant who could, help match all my clothes, fix my hair in braids, or some other style my fingers will no longer do, and help with things, that a regular house-keeper doesn’t do.

When I finally publish a book that hits the Million Dollar bestseller’s list, I’m gonna hire such. 🙂

Yes, I said when!

Thanks for posting this, and allowing it to be reblogged.

Source: A Fantasy Tip From History: Doo-Dooing The King

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RIP, Gregg Allman

Source: RIP, Gregg Allman

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It’s not what you think


Source: It’s not what you think

If you, or anyone you know suffers from depression you should read this post.

If you’ve ever wondered how come so many of the “Rich and Famous”kill themselves, you should read this post.

If, you have any curiosity at all, you should read this post, and then, once you’ve read it, you should, share it. Reblog it, Facebook it, Post to Twitter, Google+ it, but for Goddess sake, do it!

You, might, save a life. At the very least, you might get a better understanding.

This post is filled with…
* Truth
* Life
* Death
* Passion
* Personality.

Thanks so much for having the decency and nerve to post.

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