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This event is for anyone wishing to help.
As you know, Campbell and I are moving.
We will have help in house on Wednesday of this week, so if you’d like to join in the packing please sign up on the Facebook event page I’ve created to let me know you’re planning to come, bring boxes if possible, and come ready to work.
If you are not local but you’d still like to help, I am taking donations to help cover moving expenses.
I have received a couple very nice donations already and am much appreciative of them.
Thanks to all who are supporting me in all ways during this very stressful time.
No matter the type of support, whether it be prayers, financial, physical or all of the above, I’m ever grateful.
Thanks, and blessid be.
To donate use and email:

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Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse

via Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse

I hope very strongly, to be in my new home by the time of this event. Blessid Be.

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Hello again campbellsworld visitors, and readers everywhere.
As I try to live through, and recover from, what will go down for me, as the worst case of flu in the history of my life, I’m distracting myself by alternating between lying curled protectively in my favorite old comforter reading the last in the Dave Robicheaux series, and catching up on email.
During a more lucid period of my day I came across this little article.
Being the owner of a wonderful Labrador myself, and knowing what comfort he is bringing to me during this life ravaging illness I wanted to share it with you.
I hope you enjoy, and that you might visit the Blind Alive website.
If you do, be sure and let them know Patty and Campbell sent you.
Until next time, this is Patty who is already sick of being sick, and Campbell who is resting till his mom needs him again saying…
Enjoy and blessid be.

Stress Relief with Feet
Jan 21, 2018 10:14 am | Lisa Salinger
One of the benefits of joining our Eyes-Free-Fitness List is gaining from the wisdom of others. One of our members, Mary Ward, shared her thoughts on the benefits of living with animals. At present, I do not have a dog in my life, and feel that absence keenly. However, as I read Mary’s post, I did not experience that emotion, but a sense of peace. If you do have animals in your life, I hope you will appreciate her words. If you do not have a feathered or furry creature, be open to the possibility of spending time with animals at a shelter or the homes of friends.
Here are Mary’s thoughts on this often overlooked key to good health:
I wanted to bring up a stress reliever that has been helpful to me. That is living with an animal. I know that many users have dog guides, and I had one in the past. But my husband and I have also done some work as foster family for a Labrador retriever rescue group. We had a dog who was named Lula for a few weeks. She was a lovely dog, big for a female lab, very low key and gentle. No jumping on you, no silliness. She was a reserved dog, and I was not sure I would warm up to her, but in just a few days, I was praising her to anyone who would listen for her reserved but gentle spirit. She found a good home last week. It was sad to see her go, and I cried some, but I was also glad that we could do this small service for her. It beat the other way of losing a dog hands down. Having Lula also helped me recover from the grief of losing our last dog, who died of cancer of the mouth in the fall.
Living with an animal can help relieve stress. Animals love unconditionally, and they always seem to forgive your infractions, like the times you were not fair to them or over-punished them for a small misdeed. Brushing a dog is a soothing activity, at least it was with Lula, who always stayed still for the whole thing and waited for me to tell her how pretty she looked.
I read a couple weeks ago that people who have dogs often have lower blood pressure than those without them, and the same could be true of cat lovers. It is so wonderful to just sit with a cat and purr together, forgetting world affairs, problems at work, the tv, the phone, and social media. Animals can also help people with cognitive problems in their socialization, whether they be kids with disabilities, seniors with dementia, or just stressed out, overworked people.
I hope everyone here on this list who loves animals has one in their life, at least a part-time one to visit. Loving and caring for an animal can help with stress and sense of well-being.
Perhaps the same is true of those who care for plants.
read more

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Hello to all.
Here I am exactly 2 weeks from the weekend during which I will move from a home I’ve lived in and loved for 7 years into new and strange lands, and I’ve managed to come down with what may well be the most horrid illness visited upon mankind ever.
I cannot believe it has been 17 hours since I began to come down with the first symptoms of what feels like the worst case of flu in the history of my life.
It has been and continues to be 17 hours of hell. I’m hot. Then, I’m not. I’m nauseous, then I’m hungry. Then I’m nauseous again. I’m sweating now, but soon as I throw off this robe I’ll shiver again. It is most miserable, and I need so badly to be cleaning clearing and packing. So disgusted with this whole deal, and the worst part of this is, this flu feels somehow different and more dangerous than any before I’ve had. It somehow feels unnatural. Cannot describe it any better. I feel like some sort of poison has been injected into my body, and has unleashed an attack upon me. I have no strength. All I can do is what is absolutely necessary.
I had a complete list of things that absolutely had to get done this weekend, and I have been able to do very little.
If that weren’t bad enough to have to deal with, over this past week we had snow.
This caused me to have to walk Campbell with heavy snow boots on, and my legs are so sore that I can barely lift them to walk.
On top of all this, my upstairs neighbor, who is also the daughter of the owner of the rental I’m moving from has just come by to let me know there’s some problem with the water upstairs.
I imagine the next thing that will happen will be that the water must be turned off due to some issue needing to be fixed.
This only adds to my stress.
I hope all reading are well. If not, and you’ve the flu, take it seriously. I can assure you it is nothing to play with.
Until next time this is Patty, who is now regretting her decision to put off her bath, and Campbell who sees no need for such saying…
May harmony find you. Blessid be.

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Moon Astrology

via Moon Astrology

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Thistledown – Midsummer Bedlam 21 — The Crochet Circle

via Thistledown – Midsummer Bedlam 21 — The Crochet Circle

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Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives – Betty in Brussels 1944-45 Part One #WW2 by Elizabeth Lloyd

via Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives – Betty in Brussels 1944-45 Part One #WW2 by Elizabeth Lloyd

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