Friday Surprise

Jewniquely Myself

dark morning

fog all around

but wait


robins are singing

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You are the medicine…



    Cure yourself with the light of the sun and the rays of the moon.
    With the sound of the river and the waterfall.
    With the swaying of the sea and the fluttering of birds.
    Heal yourself with mint, with neem and eucalyptus.
    Sweeten yourself with lavender, rosemary, and chamomile.
    Hug yourself with the cocoa bean and a touch of cinnamon.
    Put love in tea instead of sugar, and take it looking at the stars.
    Heal yourself with the kisses that the wind gives you and the hugs of the rain.
    Get strong with bare feet on the ground and with everything that is born from it.
    Get smarter every day by listening to your intuition, looking at the world with the eye of your forehead.
    Jump, dance, sing, so that you live happier.
    Heal yourself, with beautiful love, and always remember:
    You are the medicine ..

    ~ Maria Sabina…

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    A Special Crafted Friendship for Kaila Allen and Courtney Smith

    ACB Voices

    By Belinda Collins

    If you have been involved with the ACB Community for a while, you have most likely figured out by now that we have an amazing crafting group, that has quite literally morphed into a small community of its own. From loom and needle knitting, Mitsy Kit projects, crocheting, card-making, and many other activities, crafting has evolved from what was once only a couple meetings a month into at least 15 scheduled activities per month.

    Kaila Allen and Courtney Smith have transformed and developed this group into what it is today, and it continues to blossom. However, you may have often wondered about how it all began, and the connection between these two very talented ladies.

    Kaila Allen, the youngest of three girls, was born in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. When she was three, her family moved to Arizona. As a toddler, she was diagnosed with Leber congenital amaurosis…

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    Be an encourager.

    Here’s what I think is a great way to begin the day.



      Be an encourager. Scatter sunshine. Who knows whose life you might touch with something as simple as a kind word.
      ~Debbie Macomber

              Text and image source: Linda Iribarren

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              Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Podcast – Tales from the Garden – The Guardians of the Magic Garden by Sally Cronin

              Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

              Over the coming weeks I will be sharing the stories from Tales from the Garden which I hope you will enjoy in audio

              Thanks for tuning into the new series of stories from Tales from The Garden in audio. A collection I wrote in tribute to our home in the mountains to the north of Madrid where we lived from 1999 to 2016. We inherited a number of statues from the previous owners that were too big to take with them, and I also found some discarded around the garden. Perfect characters for stories, some of whom moved on with us to Ireland and appeared in Tales from the Irish Garden.

              About Tales from the Garden

              Tales from the Garden reveals the secrets that are hidden beneath hedges and trees. You will discover what really happens at night as you sleep unaware in your bed. Stone statues and those hidden…

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              #WednesdayWonders – #Gemstones #Shungite

              Writing and Music

              Welcome to a Wednesday Wonder! I am going to reduce these posts to every other week, for some time management, but I will continue to share the amazing world of minerals that come from our Mother Earth.

              Today, I’m sharing a fairly new piece I acquired — Shungite.

              I wanted to get more than one view of the pyramid, but there is no gold on it at all, that was a light reflection through the window blinds. Pretty cool, though, I so left it.

              The origin of Shungite is a mystery. Typically, materials made of carbon come from decayed organic substances like old forests. But the stone is thought to be at least 2 billion years old. This is before organic life existed on the planet.

              Some theories of Shungite’s origins include:

              • a large meteorite collided into Earth and deposited shungite into the ground
              • shungite formed due to microorganisms in…

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              The Lightheaded Oboe Player

              Jewniquely Myself

              January 10, 2022

              I call this piece The Lightheaded Oboe Player since that is what I have become today. Sure, I purchased the impish darling some months ago, in the summer of 2021 to be exact…

              And at that time, I spent long, fascinated hours reading up on its nature and learning the finger placement for three actual notes. (and I’ve learned four actual notes if you count the open reed’s tone as one of the string).

              Today was to be my fully-intentional introduction to this new child. I was respectful as I approached her, sweet as I gathered all the necessary participants in the endeavor: reeds and a shot-glass of water, cork grease and cleaning cloth, and of course J to assemble.

              I sat breathing deeply and opened the case.

              Yes , the beautiful creature remained waiting for me More faithful than I had been. I caressed the keys…

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              Winter Reflections

              Jewniquely Myself

              Dark morning


              Winter rain and cold continues

              But inside we draw near

              Sustained and enduring

              Inside there is brightness

              Inside there is warmth

              Inside where the call is always simply to be

              To be and abide in Being

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              Welcome to 2022

              Plaisted Publishing


              Hurray, 2022 is here, well in New Zealand and a few other countries… Looking forward to you all joining us and celebrating a brand new year where positivity will move us all forward in leaps and bounds. At least I hope so.

              Lots to do and a business plan for this year to sort out before work commences on the 6th Jan 2022. We have five books to work on over the next couple of months with another touching down in April. It is going to be great fun working with these clients, they are awesome writers and people.


              Part of the plant this year is to take Monday’s off and do a course on Marketing. Though I have some marketing skills, I need to up my skills to move this business forward to the next stage. As many of you not, our business says Publishing House in…

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              The Smorgasbord Bookshelf 2022 – Recommended Books, Author Features and Special Events.

              Good morning, if you’re not following Sally and participating in her promotions, you’re missing out.

              Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

              Welcome to the New Smorgasbord Bookshelf – 2022   where I will be sharing my own book reviews, author features and special events during the year such as book fairs.

              It is my intention to still provide a platform for authors to share their books, but in 2022 the focus will be on my own reviews, features about authors on the bookshelf and regular events such the recent Christmas Book Fair series and the upcoming series in the New Year – Meet the Authors – Personal Recommendations

              For the last seven years I have shared three posts a week with recent reviews, but this year I will just be promoting new releases in one off promotions.

              You will notice that the new bookshelf has just my own personal recommendations for the authors and I will update with new reviews I write as we go through the year. Some authors are…

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