Guidelines For All Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing Client or Guest Writer Submissions

Tell it to the WORLD








Unless otherwise arranged between myself Patty L. Fletcher and you, the client, or guest these guidelines are final and if submissions do not meet specifications your submission will be deleted without further comment.


1.      Font type Calibri size .12.

2.      No bold lettering except for title of book, blog, or business or in the title of your submissions.

3.      Color black type, white background.

4.      Margins aligned left. (edits may be made according to online posting by myself or Assistant Claire Plaisted)

5.      Title centered with byline centered underneath

6.      Advert wordcount 500 MAX includes author or business bio and photo description.

7.      What’s up column for The Writer’s Grapevine wordcount is 3000 MAX.

8.      All submissions must come edited, attached and ready to use. (light editing services are available for a one-time fee of $5 per submission if needed)

9.      Short Story, Essay, or Article submission wordcount 100 M 5000 MAX. Poetry according to poem type but no longer then the MAX wordcount.

10.  ***IMPORTANT*** Website placement for Writer’s Grapevine Submissions is as follows. One Author or Business Website should be centered directly underneath the centered title and byline of your submission. Reference or resource links concerning information you have in your submission such as calory count, fat content, previously published info, or any other information referenced in the article will appear at the bottom of the article after the closing. Do not write links within the article itself. Please use Full URLS for all website information. (Example) Information for this article was found at: may include as many reference or resource links as are needed as long as they appear in the correct placement.

11.  For All submissions, one form of contact information.

12.  For The Writer’s Grapevine contact information should appear in the closing of your article. Example: “Thanks so much for reading. I love hearing from readers, please email me at:”

13.  Photos must come to me attached JPG or PNG. No PDF or Zip Files. No imbedded photos. Photo files must be titled to reflect what the photo is. No initials or abbreviations in your title. Title of file must be clear.

Submission deadlines

1.      Writer’s Grapevine 10TH of every month 5 P.M. Eastern.

2.      WordPress Wednesday Submissions Tuesdays 5 P.M. Eastern.

3.      Event information at least two-weeks before the event date. (Send events to me as soon as you know about them)

4.      Exceptions for event announcements will be made if you get an invite last minute.

5.      When you do a recorded event, please send listening or viewing information.




1.      Author’s Corner

2.      Reading With the Autors

3.      Authors, They’re Only Human.

4.      *Writer’s Grapevine specific* Poetry Place, What’s Up and News Nuggets.

Thanks for adhering to these guidelines.

If you need any clarification please email me at: