Guidelines for Client or Guest Writer Submissions

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Unless otherwise arranged between me and contributor, any submissions received which don’t meet the following guidelines will be deleted without further comment.

These guidelines have changed. Please read and save for further use.

Starting in January, 2021 these guidelines and submission deadlines will be sent out twice each month and unless requested will not be sent out any other time.

It is the responsibility of the client or guest contributor to check their guideline checklist before submitting.

Guidelines and Deadline for The Writer’s Grapevine Online Magazine and WordPress Wednesday

  1. Font size .12, type Calibri.
  2. Margins aligned left.
  3. Advert and News Nugget Announcements wordcount 300/500.
  4. Author’s Corner, Authors, They’re Only Human, Reading with the Authors, Tip articles and What’s Up letters wordcount 100/1500
  5. Poetry Place line count 50.
  6. 1 submission per column. Submissions must come attached in a word doc or RTF file and the file title must be the same as the submission title. Adverts are not the same as announcements.
  7. Title, byline, and website centered at the top of your submission.
  8. If desired you may now include an author bio in your submission of 100 words or less. Bio will not count toward wordcount. All reference and resource links will appear after the main text of your submission unless they’re necessary for instructional purposes and you may include one form of contact.
  9. Photos must come in either JPG or PNG files. No PDF and No Zip files please. Please make certain to title each photo file so that it states what is in the photo. No initials or abbreviations please.
  10. All submissions for The Writer’s Grapevine Magazine must come to me on the 10TH of each month by 5 P.M. Eastern without exception. If you’ve an announcement needing to go out after the deadline using the submission guidelines post it into the group and send it to me as well.
  11. Deadline for WordPress Wednesday is now Monday by 5 P.M. Eastern.
  12. All submissions must come edited and ready to use. I no longer provide proofreading or editing of any kind. If you need help with this, please contact Jo Elizabeth Pinto