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LET THE CELEBRATION BEGIN! 7 YEARS TOGETHER: From CAMPBELL’S CALAMITIES #3 “People Who Changed My Reality” – Part Two Patty L. Fletcher June 23, 2014

CAMPBELL’S CALAMITIES #3 “People Who Changed My Reality” – Part Two Patty L. Fletcher June 23, 2014 Good morning campbellsworld visitors, and followers everywhere! Today is a very special day for King Campbell Super Seeing Eye Dog A.K.A Bubba and … Continue reading

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Prayers for Campbell Please…He’s still sick.

***!!!HI IMPORTANTS!!! PLEASE SHARE THIS FAR AND WIDE!!!***   My vet just called. Campbell’s bladder infection did not respond to the medications we were given a week or so back. They’re sending new medications. I am so very upset. Just … Continue reading

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The Raw Truth: Campbell’s Rambles Book Two the Time Is NOW!

Good morning Campbell’s Rambles Readers, and all! If you’ve not read my first book, Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life see Before continuing. I don’t recommend reading this 2 part series out of order. If, … Continue reading

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