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FEBUARY MARCH, 2018 PATTY L. FLETCHER Hello, Bookworms, everywhere! This month I have a most excellent Treasure trove of books for your perusing pleasure. If you find a book to your liking, please make sure to let the author know you … Continue reading

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Encore Phyllis Campbell: Where Sheep May Safely Graze Reviews

  Where Sheep May Safely Graze By, Phyllis Campbell   Hi readers everywhere! You may remember not long ago, a Featured Author of the Week post by this author. Well, she’s back, her book, Where Sheep May Safely Graze is … Continue reading

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Review – In the Electic Mist of Confederate Dead

Here we are for the next in this most awesome series. I love this detective series for its grit and grime. For its special attention to details some similar books just don’t have. The love and care that Dave shows … Continue reading

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Review – A Stained White Radiance

Hello everyone, I began this book, on October 1ST, and have since, read the one following, which I will review shortly after this, as I’ve just finished it today! I mention the speed with which I’ve read this, and it’s … Continue reading

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From Tell-It-To-The-World! Books, and those who help make them happen!

Hi, my name is Patty L. Fletcher. If you’re looking for a good book to read, are a writer looking for an editor, or publisher, or are a book reviewer, you’ve come to the right place. The following is a … Continue reading

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Black Tourmaline For Psychic Protection

I’m currently gathering new stones, figurines, etc. I am using the Imformation I’m learning here, in my choosing process. Source: Black Tourmaline For Psychic Protection

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Freedom to be ME – New Group

My name is Patty Fletcher. If you find yourself sick of the same old thing, tired of entolerant folks, and unbending rules, I invite you to join this group. Freedom To Be Me is a group where wonderfully happy, and … Continue reading

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The Dragonbone Chair – Review

Hello SFF readers everywhere! I got to say, I’m enjoying this book, every bit as much as I enjoyed The Dragonbone Chair. In fact, it might be possible, that I’ve so far, enjoyed this even more. Firstly, watching Simon grow … Continue reading

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Book Review – The Dragonbone Chair

The dragonbone chair DB40337 Williams, Tad. Reading time: 31 hours, 53 minutes. Read by Erik Sandvold. Fantasy Fiction Young Adult Simon, fourteen, is a scullery boy at Hayholt Castle in the land of Osten Ard. Then one day he is … Continue reading

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Bag of Bones: Review, and Thoughts of Someone Who Can Relate

Patty L. Fletcher I reviewed this book first on the DB-Review Book List, that is run by, Nolan Crab, and his good friend Don Horn. DB-Review is neither sponsored by nor endorsed by the Library of Congress or any of … Continue reading

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