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Black Tourmaline For Psychic Protection

I’m currently gathering new stones, figurines, etc. I am using the Imformation I’m learning here, in my choosing process. Source: Black Tourmaline For Psychic Protection

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Prayers for Campbell Please…He’s still sick.

***!!!HI IMPORTANTS!!! PLEASE SHARE THIS FAR AND WIDE!!!***   My vet just called. Campbell’s bladder infection did not respond to the medications we were given a week or so back. They’re sending new medications. I am so very upset. Just … Continue reading

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Unity Church

Hi everyone! I have attend this church many times, and no these people to be awesome. If you are in the area you want to stop by and visit.  Although it has been sometime since I have been there, when … Continue reading

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Night Musings Random and Raw

Hi again, we’re back. Well, that is I’m back. Campbell’s been alternating between lazing in his dog bed, and coming to get scratches and love when I am gone too long in the other room. I never believed any dog … Continue reading

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