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Positive Perspective: Happy Saturn’s Day! Campbell Claud the Quad, Ten Legs and Me

Well, well, hi there CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! I’m way glad yall stopped by. Gets boring here on the loveseat after a while. We are keeping busy though, and after just a bit of self doubt and discouragement, I’m back up and … Continue reading

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New Moon Revelations: A Poem of Reality

I want to stym the anger. Want to stop the tears. Want to stop the shivers, shakes, and fears. I’ve learned there are questions, I don’t really want the answers to, but I’m grateful to have them, and to the … Continue reading

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Positive Perspective: WOW! Didn’t Realize!!! Possibly Long and Multiple Topics

Good morning CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! I’m glad you dropped by. It’s a bit chili here in the Campbell Kingdom. We’re still hanging out in our nest on the Loveseat, and so far so good for the day. It’s been a busy … Continue reading

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