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Positive Perspective: What Good Is a Wasted Day?

Hello CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS! Here’s hoping today has been a Terrific Tuesday, and that you’ve totally enjoyed your day. Today’s question, what good is a wasted day, is one that came to me this afternoon after coming home from a visit … Continue reading

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Picking the Best of 2016 and a Note From King Campbell

Happy New Year! CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS! Can you believe it? Just barely 9 more hours in this year! I’m amazed to see how very quickly this year has gone by. Haven’t gotten nearly what I’d hoped accomplished during this year, but … Continue reading

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What Do You Think? Your Thoughts Matter

Good morning! Again, CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS! So glad you dropped back by. Campbell and I are hanging out, listening to podcasts, and waiting out the rain. We decided we could see no need to get wet, so while Campbell catches another … Continue reading

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