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AUTHORS, THEY’RE ONLY HUMAN: From Nightmare to Peace – I’m Back – Plaisted Publishing House

WELCOME HOME CLAIRE! 🥳🥳🥳 HOME AGAIN Plaisted Publishing House has been quiet for far too long! Nearly 18 months of nothing. Now is the time to explain and hopefully you will understand and to some…forgive me for being missing in … Continue reading

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AUTHOR’S CORNER: *** FYI! IMPORTANT TO READ Who Knows the History of Traditional Publishing?? – Plaisted Publishing House

Not many. Especially readers. Well, guess what it’s only been around for approx 120 – 150 years at most. Writers used to go out an find a printer who would print copies of their manuscripts, pay them and then the … Continue reading

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Good morning campbellsworld visitors One, and All. (Please note, One and All are capitalized because my blog is all inclusive.) I have decided I need to repost a little about myself. Now, I do not believe in preachy or pushy, … Continue reading

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***READER’S NOTE!*** This review was originally posted on the DB-Book Review Email List. Hello everyone. Just this early evening, I have finished Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit451. This was one of the books on the suggested reading list given to us during … Continue reading

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Smashwords Alert First Four Smart Author Podcasts Are Out: My Review On the First Two

Smashwords Alert! The First Four Smart Author Podcasts Are Out! Before I post the announcement from Smashwords, I’d like to take a moment to review the first two episodes of this four-part-series. Let me just say, the information in these … Continue reading

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For the Morning I Think I’ve Lost It

OK, I’ll admit it. I lost it this morning. Absolutely had it with an ungrateful person in my life, and finally just flat-out told her about herself. Let me set the stage. This person lives in a high-rise apartment complex. … Continue reading

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Erasing History Will Not Promote Change

  Patty L. Fletcher August, 2017 Hi CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!!and READERS EVERYWHERE!!!   I’m coming to you this day, with a heavily debated subject. I try and reframe from writing political posts, but this day, I cannot be silent. I feel, I … Continue reading

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A short story by Patty

Earlier this evening, I wrote this. Then I had an issue come up with someone who has quite obviously forgotten from where they’ve come, had way more success than their ego can handle, and nearly became upset thinking thoughts like… … Continue reading

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Have you ever had this happen to you? I have, and it is quite painful! I’d be interested to hear thoughts. Christian Ghosting: The Destructive Christian Practice We Don’t Talk About July 19, 2017 Benjamin L.  Corey   I don’t … Continue reading

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Positive Perspective: HospitalVHome, and the Challenges I Face

Hi, and good Sunday evening, from here in the Campbell Kingdom. Campbell, and I are glad you’ve stopped in to have a peek at what we’re up to. We’re always glad to know when you’ve stopped by, so be sure … Continue reading

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