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Solstice of the Moon: The Field of Prayer

Originally posted on France & Vincent:
Easter Aquhorthies. Image: Paul Allison CCA2.0 There were many merry meetings in Inverurie, bringing a golden glow to the afternoon that belied the grisaille of rain and wet stone. We were greeted outside our…

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Spiritualism In The Digital Age

Originally posted on The New City Witches Cocktail Coven:
At this unsettling time in our universal history there is a new desire for incorporeal methods of communication. During the pandemic we have all learnt to use social media and video…

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Happy Piggy Halloween! #Celebration

So much for being healthy! I threw that out the window! Actually, I think I stomped it to pieces and then threw it out the window! Happy Halloween. I don’t get candy tonight. I pigged out on ice cream this … Continue reading

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The Halloween Full Moon in Taurus – October 31, 2020

Originally posted on Astrology with Michelle Gregg:
Once in a Blue Full Moon – Hallowe’en and an Illuminating Clear Light Creative Podcast with Chiara Luce and Michelle Gregg MY HALLOWE’EN THOUGHTS: Hallowe’en marks the turning of the year… it’s time…

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2020 CONVERSATIONS WITH COLLEEN: The Halloween Special with AUTHOR, C. S. Boyack, @VIRGILANTE

Word Craft Poetry My yearly Halloween celebration includes C. S. Boyack and his amazing collection of speculative fiction novels. I can’t imagine Halloween without hearing about his newest release in the Hat Series, “The Ballad of Mrs. Molony.” First, let … Continue reading

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New post Happy Halloween 2020 #Halloween #RTS @ErnestDempsey

Happy Halloween 2020 by Ernest We wish our readers a happy Halloween and hope they will enjoy the evening with their loved ones. #halloween-2020 Read more of this post Trouble clicking? Copy and paste this URL into your browser: reading

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Mysterious Voices #Author’sCorner

Hi Everyone. On Tuesday October 27, I attended a live event called ‘Mysterious Voices’ put on by AudioFile Magazine. During this event, I got to interact with some Incredible Book Narrators many of whom you’ve most likely heard often. Attendees … Continue reading

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Visitation #Friday Fun Reads #Fiction

Originally posted on My Corner:
Carrie was fourteen years old and lived in an apartment with her mother in New York City. A year earlier, her father wandered into traffic one night while drunk and was killed by an oncoming…

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A Seer Speaks…

Originally posted on France & Vincent:
* “There are three worlds which we can seen while we are still in the body: the earth-world, the mid-world and the sky-world. The shining beings belong to the mid-world, while the opalescent beings…

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Smorgasbord Health Column – UnSeasonal Affective Disorder – The Key element of Activity and People by Sally Cronin

Originally posted on Smorgasbord Blog Magazine:
Normally I would refer to Seasonal Affective Disorder in February as the winter months take their toll on our physical, mental and emotional health. However, reading the various reports in the media on Vitamin…

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