Poem: They don’t really care

OMG! How true how true

Poetry by Wanda

How artificially they inseminate their lies

When it’s clear in plain sight a compromise

Hoping some will believe their ridulous claims

Like people are less shrewd and have no names

The lies are fuel for vicious fires

They scream and teach and pitch their pyres

The niave believe their particles sent

They dominate because they won’t relent

Wild fabrications they concoct and invent

To fool the unlearned and surrounding simple

Who may have good intentions but are not so nimble

As to cross every T and dot every I

And still they gaslight and lie and lie

Wolves in sheeps clothing always roaming to chaos

Tearing down what they didn’t build

Chancing to rob the un happy & unfulfilled

To subdue the easy going at their will

Crying wolf wolf when they wear the fangs

The clever are aware of all these things.

Does it matter,,, when their pockets get…

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About Patty L. Fletcher

Patty L. Fletcher lives in Kingsport Tennessee where she works full time as a Writer with the goal of bridging the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the non-disAbled. And as a Social Media Promotional Assistant. She is the owner and creator of Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing (Author, Blogger Business Assist), and is the published author of two books, Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life and Bubba Tails From the Puppy Nursery At The Seeing Eye: Volume One. She can also be found in two anthologies which are, December Awethology Light And A Treasure Chest of Children’s Tales. She is now working on her third book which is to be a memoir trilogy called, ‘Pathway To Freedom: Broken and Healed’.
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