Photo prompt round-up: Vista #writephoto

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

There were fires in the valley below as the procession arrived. Such a long journey, so many turnings of the sun in the walking. She had learned to read the flames, she who was marked for the sacred enclosure, serving her clan and their gods.

There had been fires on the hilltops, dotted across the landscape in a line that followed the contours of earth. The fires had faded now, banked against the night. There were none here as she waited for the sunrise, no flames to help her find vision…

Her hand crept to the feather at her throat. Her gift from the gods, the colour of flame. She had strayed from the path, seeking silence… preparing her Self for what was to come.

The great bird had wheeled overhead, soaring above the trees in the morning. She had looked down and seen the rainbows caught in the feather…

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