WORDPRESS WEDNESDAY-NEWS NUGGETS:An Urgent Request from author and podcaster Bob Branco #News

An Urgent Request from author and podcaster Bob Branco

Website:  http://www.dldbooks.com/robertbranco/



I’m author and podcaster Bob Branco.


Since May of 2017, I, along with a co-host, have produced a weekly podcast called In Perspective. Some of you are familiar with the show because you are on the subscription list. For those of you who haven’t heard of In Perspective, it is a dialog show where my co-host and I either discuss current issues, or we invite special guests to talk about their projects and endeavors which may benefit our listeners.


As of last week, we suspended production of our show because our main producer is having medical issues.


Since we have been using Zoom for our podcast, our producer hosted the Zoom meetings to bring us together, and also recorded the podcast for distribution.


In order to continue with In Perspective, we need someone to host the Zoom meeting and record our shows until our main producer is able to return. We normally record our podcasts on Friday afternoons from 5:00 to 6:00 PM Eastern Time, but we can switch our time slot for your own personal convenience if necessary. We have recorded 161 episodes, and we are heard on several media outlets. These include ACB Radio, C Joy Internet Radio, Gate Wave Radio, ITunes, Out-of-Sight Radio and Audio Journal.

If you think you might be available to assist with the continuation of the podcast In Perspective, please get in touch.


You may email me at:



I look forward to working with you.


Warm regards, Bob.




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3 Responses to WORDPRESS WEDNESDAY-NEWS NUGGETS:An Urgent Request from author and podcaster Bob Branco #News

  1. This is a shame, Patty. I hope it is sorted out.


    • Patty says:

      If I could afford to get a paid zoom account, I would take it and produce it for him. I am already doing a podcast and I know how.
      But because my account is free, I cannot have more than just a few people in the room except for 40 minutes. And he needs longer than that.
      So if I can manage to get a paid account I will take it if no one else does. Keep your fingers crossed that we find a solution. It is a good podcast.

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