Harassment in Business – ONGOING

Plaisted Publishing House


We’ve all been bullied at one stage or another. Narcissism is part of the world today, though it doesn’t mean we have to live with it. I, for one, am over the stupidity of some people and what they think they can do to you and or your business.

Let me tell you a story – It’s from the beginning of my business.

I was asked to format a book for a person who shall remain nameless. (I actually did two) We decided verbally to exchange service in 2014. They would help me with marketing my new business which I started about two months later in exchange for Formatting. My Formatting at that time was ok, not brilliant though good enough for publishing, after all, I was still learning the ropes on how things worked. This person knew this as well.

Part of my business was insisting that each client…

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