National Vinegar Month…

Retired? No one told me!

Vinegar as old as civilization itself …traces of it have been found in Egyptian urns from around 3000 B.C., and Babylonian scrolls recording the use of vinegar date even earlier, to around 5000 B.C. Known as “poor man’s wine” (posca) in ancient times, vinegar was often carried by Roman legionnaires; the Bible notes that Roman soldiers offered vinegar to Christ at the Crucifixion.

Used in many cultures as a condiment and preservative, vinegar can be made from a variety of liquids, including malted barley, rice, and cider; however, as its name suggests, it was probably first made from wine. The word vinegar derives from the Old French vinaigre, meaning “sour wine.”

We are now spoilt for choice as a wide variety of vinegar are available to us with their own colours and flavours. Vinegar is commonly used in food preparation, particularly in pickling processes, vinaigrettes, and other salad dressings. It…

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4 Responses to National Vinegar Month…

  1. CarolCooks2 says:

    Thank you so much for the reblog 💕 be well and stay safe 😊


    • Patty says:


      You’re very welcome. The post darn near starved me to death.

      I went to sleep last night thinking about fish and chips.

      Patty L. Fletcher

      Self-Published Author and Social Media Promotional Assistant


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      Food For Thought

      Let’s observe what the Light can do and reveals. That’s your responsibility, as in the price of freedom is vigilance. Watch, observe, be aware, follow the Spirit, do the best you can with what you know and the conditions present. Check it out.

      -John Morton, DSS


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