Mending Relationships #Fiction #Tuesday Tidbit #Excerpt

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Can a broken friendship be fixed? In the following excerpt from The Red Dress, my main character, Eve, has just met her best friend by chance twenty-five years after catching her in the act with her boyfriend. They decide to eat together.


The cafe was nearly deserted. Without thinking, Eve and Adele found seats at the counter, as they’d  done years ago after school.

“Well, what do we have here?” said Virginia, emerging from the kitchen wearing a broad grin. “It’s  just like old times, isn’t it? I’ll bet you girls want chocolate shakes with whipped cream and a  cherry, right?”

Both women laughed, and Adele said, “I’ll also have your meatloaf special, if there’s any left.”

“There sure is,” said Virginia. She bustled about, putting ingredients for the milkshakes into an  electric mixer. “Miss Eve, I don’t suppose you want a second helping of meatloaf.”

Eve chuckled…

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      You’re very welcome.

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      Let’s observe what the Light can do and reveals. That’s your responsibility, as in the price of freedom is vigilance. Watch, observe, be aware, follow the Spirit, do the best you can with what you know and the conditions present. Check it out.

      -John Morton, DSS

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