Hello campbellsworld visitors.

Here we have for your enjoyment a poem from Poet Joan Myles, author of One With Willows, and contributor for Poetry Place found in The Writer’s Grapevine.

Please click over to enjoy her work.


via Now

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11 Responses to POETRY PLACE: Now #Poetry

  1. A lovely poem, Patty. I enjoy the fact you share posts as I find new bloggers and also see posts that I have missed.


    • joanmyles says:

      So happy to meet another of Patty’s readers, and to know you appreciate her support of varied writers and styles. Also glad to know you like my poem, thanks so much, blessings to you! *willows in mist**smiling raindrops**pawprints in sand*

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      • Patty says:

        Hi Joan.

        I’m so grateful that you’re the kind of blogger who answers comments. So many don’t take the time to appreciate readers.

        You’re so special.

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    • Patty says:

      Hi Robbie.

      I so wish I had time to read and share them all.

      Blogging is quite an addiction of mine and I do love doing it.

      Thanks for dropping in and for letting me know you enjoy the blogging.

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  2. joanmyles says:

    Thanks you, dear Patty, always such a treat to be featured, by you, wishing you sweetness and love always *dancing rainbows**willows at sunrise**children dancing*


    • Patty says:

      Hello my dear friend Joan.

      I’m happy to promote such a talented, loving lady as you.

      I’m sitting here at my homemade desk table, munching on popcorn, having a glass of wine, listening to jazz doing what I love.

      And, love to you.

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