Piano Man #Monday Musical Memories

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I liked this song when I was growing up during the 1970’s, but its meaning didn’t become clear until I became an adult. It’s about a man who entertains bar customers by playing the piano and singing.

Well, as part of my job as a music therapist in a nursing home, I did the same sort of thing but not in a bar. In a resident’s room or activity area with no piano, I used my guitar. Like the bar patrons, residents requested songs. If I knew them, I played them. If not, I found and learned them and played and sang them another time.

Now that I write full-time, I still play the guitar or piano and sing at nursing homes and other senior facilities. But thanks to the coronavirus situation, I won’t be doing that anytime soon. But when I do, I still take requests, and if I…

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  1. Thank you, Patty, for re-blogging.


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