Moods, Emotions, and Social Distancing (How to Connect without Connecting)

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Moods, Emotions, and Social Distancing


Dr. Valerie Allen

It’s difficult to manage your moods and emotions while adhering to social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Coping with any unusual situation tends to increase stress which leads to anxiety and, in some cases, depressive symptoms.

Families are out of their routines and typical social interactions. Additionally, in this situation, the external world looks the way it always has and this creates a disconnect between what we see, hear, and experience. Most disasters create a strong visual sense of things gone wrong. Our feeling of worry and distress are validated by the obvious destruction— floods, winds, fires, injuries and damaged property—but not so with a virus. Those stricken with the virus are in care or quarantined—hidden from view.

Still, cognitively and emotionally, we are aware of the danger we all face. We listen to reports and see videos of overworked hospital…

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