Mobile menace…

A post with which I absolutely agree.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Cartoons About Mobile Phones - Randy Glasbergen ...

It is a five-mile drive home from work. I nearly killed three people. Four, counting the baby I must assume was in the hooded pushchair. You can imagine the headlines, “Mother and baby killed by careless driver…”

Few would look beyond the surface. The driver would be condemned, punished, ostracised… and would live crushed by a burden of indelible grief and guilt.

Who would really have been at fault? The driver already halfway through a manoeuvre on the road? Or the heedless pedestrian, too busy talking on the phone to check before pushing their child into the path of a moving car?

In the case of this particular mother, she didn’t even turn her head or pause her conversation when I slammed on the brakes, mere inches from tragedy. Nor did the young man singing soundlessly to the music from his earphones… or the middle-aged woman in mid-business call, apparently…

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