Tip of the Day

1. Don’t make your blog all about you. Be willing to have guest writers on your blog or to share others work from their blogs to yours.

2. Show your gratitude. If someone shares your work, whether you have been a guest on their blog, or they’ve simply re-blogged your work from your blog to their’s, make certain that you comment and say thank you to them. Also, make certain to acknowledge their readers. Because, their readers, are now your readers and could potentially become your followers.

3. Check the boxes to get follow up comments. You never know who may come along and read the post and comment later on down the road. Do you want to make certain that you see those comments and that you answer them? Absolutely.

Following these simple tips can make all the difference in the world.

Manners are a blogger’s best friend.

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6 Responses to Tip of the Day

    • Patty says:

      Hi Roberta. Thank you so much for your feedback. I so very much appreciate the comments. I also appreciate the mention on Twitter. I heard that pop up in my notifications on my phone. Haven’t gotten there yet this morning. LOL. I was hesitant to write that. But, I really felt inspired to do so. I see so much well, just blatant rudeness happening on the blogosphere these days. Just seems ridiculous to me. So I suppose I was using my blog to air my grievances. Tried to do it in a professional and polite way.

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