Good morning campbellsworld visitors.

Each Saturday I go in search of a post which leaps off the page at me.

This morning while indulging in my addiction of reading blogs Joan’s poem grabbed and held my attention.

I’d like to invite you to click over so you too can ponder her poetic thoughts.



via And all Her Peers

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6 Responses to SUPER SURPRISE SATURDAY: And all Her Peers

  1. joanmyles says:

    Blessings and love to you, Patty, such a super surprise to be featured! *starlight through mist*


    • Patty says:


      Happy to share this here.

      This was a great post.

      I do hope you’ll be able to join us in the event later today.

      If not please let me know so I can ready some things of yours to share.


      • joanmyles says:

        Hoping to join you, and have tried, but don’t always succeed in making this gadget cooperate. Anything you can do in the meantime would be fabulous…and I’ll keep trying. *smiling heart*


      • Patty says:


        Happy to share you.

        Posted your media kit info and your cousin replied.

        I will post some other things.

        I did tag you so you would be able to simply comment. I’ll keep doing that. No problem.


      • joanmyles says:

        I read that, thanks so much, and when I tried to reply things went crazy. Just don’t know what is going on. I’ll keep trying. thanks for your support!


      • Patty says:

        Hi Joan.

        It’s all good.

        I saw you’d been able to make a comment.

        I’ll email you.

        All’s well.

        Just keep on being you and doing what you’re able to do.

        I’m here to help when you need it.

        It’s what I do.


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