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This Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing (Author, Blogger, Business Assist) update is being shared several places. If it is a repeat for you, I apologize.

If you’re not a client of Tell-It-To-The-World, you may still participate.

Please email: for all details including current holiday sale pricing.

Clients, please read carefully, and let me know if you’ve any questions.

Please share with bloggers, across social media, clients and friends.

Happy Sunday to all.

I hope everyone is doing well here on this last Sunday of 2019.

Can you believe it? We’re getting ready to start a brand new year.

I’m writing this morning to remind you that I’ll be reopening for business on Jan. 2ND and I’ll be ready to rock and roll with any marketing needs you may have.

I’d also like to go ahead and remind you about the Writer’s Grapevine. The Winter Solstice edition was an incredible newsletter to be sure. If you’ve not read it yet and you’d like to have a copy, please let me know. I can send the newsletter directly to you, or if you’d like to put it onto your blog please just ask for the URL and I can do that. If your blog doesn’t offer the reblog feature, that’s no problem. You can just copy the URL into whatever message you write, and put your message including the URL onto your blog. This would be hugely appreciated. The more people that read this, the more Publicity we all get, and it’s a great way to share other’s work on your blog, which also helps to keep it active while you’re busy.

Have a book club, Facebook, Email group or page? That’s another great place to share.

Anyhow, I’m now seeking submissions for all categories in the Writer’s Grapevine.

·         What’s Up…?

This column is designed so that you, the author or business owner can reach out to the reader and let them know what’s going on with you.

Just treat it as if you’re writing a letter to friends.

If you’ve been reading the Writer’s Grapevine, you’ve seen the what’s up sections. In that section, authors and business owners talk to readers about what’s going on with them and their work. This is a great way to engage with the public.

·         Notices…

This section houses any events you might have going on.

Local, Online, Live appearance, Podcast. Sales, Give-Away.

Whatever’s going on in your world, if you wish to make an announcement, this is the place. I’d very much like to have your event notices, so please send them out.

Remember folks, this is an online publication. Just because your event is local to you, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t advertise it. You’ve no idea who might be reading. There very well could be someone in your neck of the woods that might want to come here you speak, or pick up one of your books, or buy a product or service from you if you’re going to be somewhere they can get to.

Not a client? Write me to find out how to submit a notice. I offer both one-time only and reoccurring ad space.

·         Author’s Corner…

This column is for short stories, poems, book excerpts, and recipes.

Please remember, if your submission has been published elsewhere to give that credit. It is very advisable when possible to include the website of the publication it was published in. Especially if it is a magazine, book, or blog. This enables the reader to buy or follow with ease.

·         Reading With the Author…

This column is for you to review books you’re reading for pleasure, or that you might be editing, publishing, or proofreading.

Folks love to know what the authors they read are reading, and for those of you who are editing, publishing, or proofreading, it’s a great way for you to give your clients an Advance Review or for you who do proofreading as well as writing to talk about how you spend your days.

In short, it’s just one more way for you to engage with the public.

Are you a business owner? That’s fine. Review a book you read to unwind after a hard day. Drop in a line or two about what you did during your business day that has you so ready to enjoy some down time with a book, and you’ve just given yourself a little plug without being in your face obvious.

·         Sponsor…

Have you purchased a sponsor ad? If so, you’ve nothing more to do unless you wish to update your ad space in some way.

If you’ve not purchased sponsor ad space, now’s the time. Simply being a client doesn’t make you automatically eligible for sponsor ad space.

If you become a sponsor you will receive…

1.       Reoccurring ad space in the Writer’s Grapevine

2.       Lifetime ad space on my blog’s sponsor page

3.       Consistent advertisement of your book, blog, or business.

4.       Mentions throughout the month across all my social media platforms.

Remember, submission guidelines are…

·         Font edit Calibri

·         Font size 12.

·         No bold lettering except in titles of books, or businesses

·         Black on white

·         Justified

·         Send in attachment

·         Ad Wordcount 500 or less

·         Author’s Corner Short Story wordcount 5000 or less. Book Reviews same.

·         Photos Must come attached and that file must be titled to reflect what is in the photo. *No PDF or Zip Files*

·         Deadline 10TH of every month.

If you’ve not listened to the recorded overview I did for the end of this year and 2020, I advise it. You’ll get a better understanding of all I’ll be doing and offering and why.

Here is the link to “Recording_1 tell it to the world overview end of 2019 beginning 2020.mp3” in my Dropbox:

Please do me and yourself a favor and give a listen.

Thanks very much for allowing me the privilege of continuing to tell the world about you.

Happy New Year may harmony find you, and blessid be.





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