AUTHORS, THEY’RE ONLY HUMAN:An Awesome Incredible Morning #Journal

Good morning. The following is a snippet from my journal.

Love to all! Enjoy!

DECEMBER 27, 2019.


What an awesome incredible morning it is. I’ve not one thing to base this on other than that I’m alive and well to enjoy it.

I woke up around 5 and just stayed there by Campbell listening to him snore and enjoyed the feeling of slow awakening.

After a time, I got up, went into the bathroom, washed up a bit, brushed out my hair, and then made my way into the kitchen to put water on to boil for coffee. I’ve only got instant, and try as I might I find the only way to make it truly worth drinking is to boil the water on the stove and just when it comes to a boil, add in a splash of milk, let that heat a moment and then pour it all over the coffee crystals. Then add in the sugar and it’s a good cup.

I’m sitting here having just finished that cup, adding in things to this journal which I one day hope to turn into a book of essays, short stories, poems, magickal advice, and recipes, making plans to go to the store in a little while, all while the city comes to life outside and Campbell snores in a half-asleep doze on the loveseat.

Sometimes the morning is exceptionally fine and this is one of those which is just that. I ran into no obstacles when I woke, had everything I needed to hand to make the morning go as it should and when I can do my morning’s routine with no hassle that makes the entire day absolutely grand.

Some would say I was being rather demonstrative in my feeling, but I think not. Those who don’t know what it is to feel the frustration of getting up some mornings to a situation which forces improvisation from the very moment one’s feet hit the floor just can’t possibly understand the joy I feel when I get up and don’t have to think around not one corner. Just the simple act of going into the bathroom and being able to do my morning’s necessary and not have to devise some way of cleaning myself afterward is true bliss. Having tooth paste and soap with which to brush my teeth and wash my face is a pleasure and anyone who has ever done without in truth can understand fully what I mean. Others can but grasp only the barest of feeling.

Knowing I will be able to go to the store and have the money I need to get things like coffee, garbage bags, dishwasher tabs, and toilet paper without worry is a fabulous feeling. Just knowing that for this day all my needs are truly met and that I don’t have to give any thought to any one worry gives this day a brightness that even the sun cannot match.

It is this sort of blessing that keeps me reciting every-day without fail…

There is no part of my body which does not belong to the Goddess.

There is no part of my life which does not belong to the Goddess.

I am she, and she is me.

We are one, yet we are we.

So Mote It Be. Blessid Be. Amen.




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4 Responses to AUTHORS, THEY’RE ONLY HUMAN:An Awesome Incredible Morning #Journal

  1. pujakins says:

    A poignant and special piece of writing. Thank you. Love and Blessings for the new year and beyond, Tasha


  2. Lynda says:

    I think you have a very good idea for the future – to work from your journals. That is how I wrote my first book, Concerti: Psalms for the Pilgrimage, Kota Press 2003. It has reflections I wrote in graduate school in the late 80s, on my first travels to Europe beginning in 1991, and even from my lonely and short 2-year stay in California – 1991-1993. It has poems, notes, reflections, essays, and even historical notes – all from my journals. I think you have many things that can be in your book once you begin to seriously consider it – why not make a folder
    and as you have thoughts about it, you can just drop them in your folder and return to them later.


    • Patty says:

      If you have read my first book Campbell’s rambles you should be aware that my writing all comes from my journals. It is how I have written everything I have written so far. Thank you for reading and for commenting. BTW? You can get my books in all formats and my first book Campbell’s rambles is on the NLS download website and also available by cartridge.


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