READ… LEARN… SURVIVE…: a Snippet from My Book of Shadows #News

DECEMBER 13, 2019.


A presidency filled with corruption, domestic terrorism steals lives, a college student stabbed, volcanoes irrupt, home cameras hacked, a dog nearly dies due to owner negligence, saved only because a neighbor was paying attention and a teacher who goes the extra mile to teach.

Out of all those story headlines, only two which can be considered happy news as I listen with growing dismay to a podcast of last evening’s News.

Is it any wonder that high blood pressure, anxiety and suicides are on the rise? How can our society possibly go on and continue to thrive in such peril? Will we soon be nothing more than another past civilization to be studied by whomever or whatever takes its place?

I think, if we don’t get hold of society’s sanity and take its leaders firmly to task the answer will be a resounding no.

People say they know not what the right answer is, but I say to you, the answer is easy.

What is the answer? We must remember why we started in the first place. We must begin again to adhere to the values from long ago. We must as it is said in the Dark Tower series, by Stephen King, “Remember the faces of our fathers” and for those who believe so, the faces of our “mothers.”

In short, we must reclaim our faith. We must embrace our higher power. Not just during our days of worship which are set aside for us to practice ritual, but every-day.

Every-day we must recite affirmations which keep our mindset clear. Every-day we must keep an attitude of prayer. Every-day we must practice self-care, self-discipline, and we must truly know what it means to, “love our neighbor as ourselves.”

If we don’t we are doomed to extinction as surely as were the dinosaurs of long ago.

Why do I journal? Because if indeed we do destroy society as we now know it, I hope fervently that someday someone will read what I and others like me have written and learn. Though I know, from what I observe taking place around me chances are slim that this will be so, but just as those before me I write. For if there is but one chance in one million, I must try.

We have much past history which should teach us, that which we’re allowing to happen is wrong and that we must not do such, yet we continue in the free-fall of the avalanche of our lives. Yet still I persist, because for me words are my only tools.

“Read… Learn… Survive…




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4 Responses to READ… LEARN… SURVIVE…: a Snippet from My Book of Shadows #News

  1. J says:

    Loved this! Great advice. Today’s generation won’t learn history without our help. Textbooks don’t have it and kids are too self-absorbed to read it. Historical fiction writers can be of great influence. And, prayer can change things.


    • Patty says:

      Oh, I’m so pleased to hear from you.
      I’m also glad that you enjoyed this.
      I just right from my heart.
      I keep a journal.
      I write in it at least once a day. I sometimes miss a day or two. Very seldom do I miss more than that. Although a week or so ago things got insane and I did miss a little bit. But are usually catch it up. I just think it’s important to keep things written down. As things continue, we older people are going to have to instruct the younger or our world will die. Love you. Thank you for reading and commenting. You have been approved now, so replying to comments should be easier for you.


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