AUTHOR’S CORNER: A Quick Note From Abbie Johnson Taylor #Announcemen

Hello everyone.

Author Abbie Johnson Taylor here with a couple of announcements for you. If you live in Sheridan, Wyoming, and plan to visit a friend or relative at Sugarland Ridge this evening, my group, Just Harmony, will perform in the lobby at 6 p.m.


I’ll also be entertaining solo Wednesday at noon in the cafe at The Hub. So, I hope you’ll stop by and say hi. Have a great day!

EBookCover Abbie Taylor Red Dress


description of the cover from the book, The Red Dress, by Abbie Johnson Taylor:

A very beautiful black-haired model, about 18 or 19 years of age, with her hair in a loose bun, is shown down to about mid-chest. Her red dress is cut in a low V, with a bow at the bottom of the V. She is holding a bouquet of long-stemmed, brownish-gold flowers. She is almost in profile, with her head turned to her left, so we see the right side of her face. She has bright red lipstick on. Her eyes are downcast; she looks pensive but not sad. The background is pale gray. Above her head is the title in dark red letters, The Red Dress. Above that is the author’s name in black letters.

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