AUTHOR’S CORNER: A Candle of Hope by author artist Lynda McKinney Lambert #Advent

Hello everyone.

Here on this autumn evening as the sun goes down shining its last warm rays into the window beside me as I work, I’d like to invite you to enjoy parts one and two of a five part essay called, A Candle of Hope by author artist Lynda McKinney Lambert.

Here is part one:

And, here is part two:

These are to my mind two of the most beautiful holiday essays I’ve read thus far this season.

I hope you enjoy. If you do, please comment on the blog from where they come to let Lynda know.






by Lynda McKinney Lambert


Now in paperback ($9.50) and e-book ($2.99) from Amazon, Smashwords, and other online sellers.


Details, cover image, buying links, and free text preview:


About the book:

Lynda Lambert covers a wide terrain of subjects and topics in this new book, from lights to legends to seasons, treating us to images and metaphors about plants, people and weather. She opens this large collection with the title poem, Star Signs, which walks us through the alphabet as it digs through thoughts, emotions and observations, “Using star signs to map out new terrain.”

Throughout this book of poems, these gems of poetic creation shimmer like beads on her fabric art, like bold brush strokes of color on her paintings, and reflect light like the gemstones on her prize–winning piece of mixed–media fiber artwork. It seems this entire collection is like a multifaceted mural.

Her attentiveness to nature and strong reflections from memory have woven from a collage of remnants a beautiful tapestry for us. It offers a wonderful feast for the eyes and the mind.


—Wesley D. Sims, author of Taste of Change


This is the author’s third book of poetry.

Cover photo by James Wheeler from Pexels

Cover design, editing, layout, and e-book conversion by DLD Books


Description of the cover image of Star Signs:

Star Signs ebook cover


The late evening photo shows several delicate, bare trees in silhouette, leaning slightly to the right, against a violet-colored sky. There is a faint streak of pinkish light to the right of the trees, low on the horizon. Thousands of stars are visible in the sky. The solid black landscape below the trees appears to be the shore of a darkened lake, which is in the foreground. A few stars are reflected in the water. The overall impression is one of stillness and beauty. The predominant colors are black and violet, along with white pinpoints of starlight. The title and subtitle are in white at the top of the cover, and the author’s name is in white at the bottom.


Photo description by Leonore Dvorkin, Editor






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