WORDPRESS WEDNESDAY: Promote Yourself Day #Promotion#Book#Blog#Business

Good morning and Happy WordPress Wednesday to all.

Last evening about 6:00 I got bitten by the Writer Bug and began to rework my Miss Mazie Tale, putting it together as one story. In fact, I worked until 2 in the morning. I don’t reckon I need to tell you how disillusioned and dismayed I was at 7:00 when the alarm went off and King Campbell who I did give a potty time to just before going to bed in the wee hour of the morning informed me that…

King Campbell

“Yes, Mother I do still want out at my appointed morning relief time and yes, I also would like my breakfast please?”

That having been said, I want very much to go back and write some more.


I also want to give everyone, client or not, a chance to promote themselves today.

So, I’d like to invite and encourage you to share your Book, Blog or Business info including one website in the comment section.

I’d like to remind you to please check the box for receiving new comments when you post.

Screen reader users, just arrow or tab out of the section where you write your comment when on the blog and press the space bar on the correct checkbox. IF you’ve never posted before, you’ll need to also enter your name, email and website info in the places provided. If you’ve your Google auto Fill turned on this should be a snap.

If you’re not hugely tech savvy, today’s post sponsor can help you out. Read onward to learn more.

Thanks for participating, liking, and sharing.

***Reader’s Note***

New participants will have to be approved. I’ll check back often throughout the day.

Also, if you’re coming across this on a day other than Wednesday, don’t let that stop you from participating. Any day is a great day to promote one’s self.

And now, today’s sponsor…

WebFriendlyHelp Logo with slogan

Casey Mathews is the founder of WEBFRIENDLYHELP a company designed to help people get the most out of their technology. He has worked in the Access Technology field since the mid-1990s. He holds an MCP certification (Microsoft Certified Professional) as well as a BS in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix. He has also received the Florida Division of Blind Services Access Technology endorsement. Casey has worked at Lighthouse Central Florida since 2007 where he has introduced new software and training/support ideas from Serotek, the NVDA (Non-Visual Desktop Access) screen reader, and of course apple iDevices. Casey was also instrumental in the founding of a Guide Dogs for the Blind technology chapter in 2011.

He enjoys testing new technology and software and is highly committed to remaining informed of new developments in technology.

He can provide the following services…

§  New PC/iPhone setup…

§  Clean and/or tune-up your PC…

§  Instructional Training and more…


·         $30.00 Per Month

·         $80.00 Per Quarter

·         $300.00 Per Year…

For more details and to contact Casey visit his Website: https://webfriendlyhelp.com




About Patty L. Fletcher

Patty L. Fletcher lives in Kingsport Tennessee where she works full time as a Writer with the goal of bridging the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the non-disAbled. And as a Social Media Promotional Assistant. She is the owner and creator of Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing (Author, Blogger Business Assist), and is the published author of two books, Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life and Bubba Tails From the Puppy Nursery At The Seeing Eye: Volume One. She can also be found in two anthologies which are, December Awethology Light And A Treasure Chest of Children’s Tales. She is now working on her third book which is to be a memoir trilogy called, ‘Pathway To Freedom: Broken and Healed’.
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35 Responses to WORDPRESS WEDNESDAY: Promote Yourself Day #Promotion#Book#Blog#Business

  1. Great that you had such a good writing evening, even if you are tired today.


  2. webfriendlyhelp says:

    I can so relate to this. Not so much for writing as much as the million and 1 things that must get done even if it’s late or early depending on your time reference. Do the words, “Do you know what time it is”? mean anything to anyone here? LOL


    • Patty says:

      Hi Casey of WEBFRIENDLYHELP.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

      I doubt whether many of us are very time aware. Well… Maybe we are but usually we feel it slipping away like the sands in that hourglass.

      PS. Did you do that hourglass with an emoticon on your phone or is there a keystroke which you use?

      I so wish I could do those on my computer but never have found a way.

      I love emoticons.


  3. Jena Fellers says:

    I have been fortunate enough to be interviewed for my first podcast on Monday, and will be speaking to 75 8th-graders this Friday about being an author. You can learn about my first book (spiritual inspiration), “From Mishaps to Mission” on my blog http://www.changingfocus.life, which helps you when life’s problems cause you to lose your sight.

    I’d like to add a plug for Casey Matthews whom I just hired. He just installed and set up NVDA and Thunderbird, and will be helping me learn and transfer from Serotek. He knows what he’s doing and is paitent, along with explaining whatever you need to know quite well. Merry Christmas!

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    • Patty says:

      Hi Jena!
      First, let me say I’m so pleased to see you here commenting on the blog. That made me clap my hands and cheer.
      Then I kept reading and saw that Casey was helping you now and I did a happy dance in my chair.
      While I have you, and not to change the subject, but I think you may appreciate this little bit of chat…
      This morning started with a plethora of crazy.
      First, Campbell threw up all over his blanket. Then, somehow my voice mail got changed to Spanish and it took me about two hours, three phone calls to customer service, and four or five chat text messages with a tech person to get it switched back.
      I was just about to lose my cool and so went into the bathroom to take meds and a big, deep breath. I whispered a prayer and said, “You know? I could use a tiny blessing. Nothing huge just something unexpected, nice and maybe helpful.”
      I went into the living room to get ready to try and get back to work and lo and behold there was a text from my cell carrier telling me that because they valued me as a customer and since I’d had such trouble they were giving me 1000 points toward free services. That adds up to an entire phone bill paid. Is that not just the coolest?
      God is GREAT!
      The sun came out too!
      Have an incredible day and do pop in again any time.

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  4. Thank you for the opportunity to share something special that is happening for me at this time.
    I had no idea that my book cover for Star Signs was selected for Best Book Cover of the Month Competition – by AllAuthor – this week, I found an email that informed me of the voting in progress.
    It is free and I am asking everyone to please visit the site and vote for Star Signs: New & Selected Poems – there are 290 covers and mine is doing well. Please visit the link below and vote for my cover. Thanks in advance for your thoughtfulness.

    The cover was designed by Leonore and David Dvorkin of DLD Books, Denver, Colorado. Leonore edited my collection of 54 poems for the book. David designed and took care of the tech aspects of pulling it all together. They both worked on the cover. I had an IDEA, and they took my idea and made it happen. I am deeply honored by the opportunity to have others see it on this AllAuthor site.

    Here is the link:

    Thanks a MILLION!
    Lynda McKinney Lambert

    Star Signs: New and Selected Poems – Available on Amazon.

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    • Patty says:

      Hi Lynda!
      So very proud of you and all you’re accomplishing.
      You’re doing a great job.
      Thank you for visiting us here on campbellsworld today.
      Aint self-promotion great?


  5. webfriendlyhelp says:

    So for anyone like Patty who wants to become an emoticon slinger, all you need is one keyboard command and some arrow keys.
    The hot key is… Windows and the period key, or if that don’t work windows and the semicolon key. I generally find myself using the semicolon option because I find that works better. When you do this a menu pops up. You can type in a search like dog and get: 🐕‍🦺 cool ey? Keep in mind that the items are in a grid so you will need to use all of your arrow keys. Actually usually you can use your left and right arrow keys to move between the options here. You can also tab and press enter on other categories if you want to browse. When you find the one you want just press enter.
    Keep in mind some that use screen readers may or may not see these depending on punctuation settings and synthesizer ability.
    Have fun!


  6. Thanks for all you do to help promote emerging and independent authors, Patty. 🙂 My new Web site can be found at https://www.brightsideauthor.com. Both my award-winning novel “The Bright Side of Darkness” and my newly released book, “Daddy Won’t Let Mom Drive the Car: True Tales of Parenting in the Dark” are featured there. Readers who join my book club and confirm their emails will receive a free copy of the book “The Darkest Hour,” which features scenes that were not included in “The Bright Side of Darkness,” sort of like the director’s cut of a movie. You may also subscribe to my blog and checkout my FB page, my YouTube channel, my Amazon pages, and more. Happy holidays, everyone!


  7. Thanks, Patty! And many thanks for your kind comments about our work, Lynda. Congrats on your speaking engagement, Jena.

    Here in still-snowy Denver (we got about two feet of snow a few days ago), the interior of our house is looking better and better as we have ongoing work from the wonderful handyman/painter we have engaged, Dave Aymami. He and his partner, Marcy Bernier, seem able to do just about anything in the way of cleaning, repairs, yard work, painting, and minor plumbing. Dave even does furniture refinishing, and Marcy does sewing. Last summer, she did a great job of planting flowers for us. She is also a talented artist, so she has a good eye for color and the placement of things.

    Lynda, she also planted a Japanese maple for us, one like yours, but ours is still a baby, only about two and a half feet high. We shall see how it does in this relatively dry climate and at this mile-high altitude.

    Today and yesterday, Dave cleaned the bricks around our fireplace and the stone hearth. It required four separate scrubbings, mainly with a product called Scrubbing Bubbles. I had to remove a lot of stuff from the hearth and then put it back more neatly once he was done. But what a lovely change! It was well worth all the time and labor.

    Dave’s work is giving me a lot more pride of ownership and really motivating me to make things more orderly and cleaner while he spruces everything up as much as he can short of major remodeling. That’s something that we don’t want and can’t afford.

    Much more work from Dave is to come this month and next. We found him and Marcy on a site called Nextdoor. If you are not familiar with it, please Google it and see if there is such a site for your neighborhood. I believe it’s nationwide, but the groups are very localized. It’s a great place to sell and buy stuff, find services of many kinds, be alerted to missing animals or stolen cars or other neighborhood problems, and much more.


    • Patty says:

      Hi, thank you so much for coming on and commenting and talking about all that. I’m glad you shared your website at the top so that people can see what you do.
      Maybe you can take some pictures or some video with your phone of all the stuff that is being done, and we can use it in a blog post or something. That would be great. Anyway, thank you for stopping by and do come again soon.


      • Thanks, Patty. I wish I had taken some “before” pictures, but I didn’t. Oh, well! Everyone can just imagine cleaned-up and tidied-up spaces, fresh paint and caulk in many rooms, new bathroom faucets, a new curtain in the bathroom, etc. The curtain (for the window, not the shower, which has a door) is actually made from a lovely, trimmed-down shower curtain with a soft floral design in pink, cream, blue, green, and purple. It has a sort of watercolor effect. The walls and fixtures are cream-colored, and I favor blue and beige towels, so the colors coordinate very well.

        Turning to writing: While I have not done any writing of my own for a long time, David and I are very busy with editing, as usual. We are getting close to done with Mary Hiland’s fascinating memoir, her second book with us. (Her first book was “The Bumpy Road to Assisted Living: A Daughter’s Memoir.”) The new book will contain lots of photos, including older family photos. Some of those are great. In early 2020, we’ll also be working on a book of stories by Ann Chiappetta (author of “Follow Your Dog: A Story of Love and Trust,” as well as other books), and a book of poetry by Butterfly Thomas, author of the urban thriller “Head Held High.” There is never a dull moment for DLD Books, that’s for sure!

        We are very grateful to Mary, Anne, Butterfly, and all our other repeat editing clients.
        Our business website URL is http://www.dldbooks.com/ .


      • Patty says:

        Hi Leonore.

        Thanks for the lovely note and description. Maybe you or David could take some snapshots later. Before pics aren’t necessary. Don’t overthink that.

        BTW? Guess what? What you just did is writing. I read something the other day in an article on content writing that said when we write such short emails or make quick comments, if we would then copy and paste those into a document we’d be amazed at what we could create.

        It was talking about overcoming the feeling that we don’t have time to write.


      • Hi, Abby. I’m very glad to hear about your book sales! Congratulations!

        Patty, I’m glad that you enjoyed my descriptions. I’ve been telling everyone about these people’s fine work. Last night, my Spanish group attendees all admired the changes. A new lady, a real estate agent, in fact, told me that I have a very pretty house. 🙂

        As to my writing: Of course I do manage to write lots of emails and occasional blog posts or comments on other people’s posts. What I meant was that I have not managed to write fiction in a long time. But the ideas and story titles are there in a file that I have. I even wrote one of the stories a while back. All that has been going on with our editing work, my teaching work, the good but disruptive work in the house, and in other arenas of my life has just been too distracting for me to find the concentration for fiction, or even for that longer nonfiction project I discussed with you, the story of how I started all my various jobs. But I’m not giving up hope! David is my inspiration. Even with 29 published books, he is working on books 30 and 31, both of then science fiction novels.

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      • Patty says:

        Hi, I knew what you meant. I understood that you were talking about books. I’m just saying, that not long ago we had a conversation about your not having much time to provide content writing. And what I’m trying to tell you is that you’re doing it all the time. If you would just save these little snippets into a document, before you knew it, you’d have something that I could use. Anyway have a good day.


      • Once more of these tasks in the house are done, and once the editing of Mary Hiland’s book is done, I intend to write a longish blog post about this refurbishing project: how I found the people, what they have done, are doing, and will do for us in the near future, and how it’s all making me feel. It’s really quite significant to me. Don’t worry! I have all this firmly in mind. It will go out more publicly at some point,

        For now, I have been telling lots of people about bits and pieces of the work. All are impressed, especially when they can then see the changes in person. When our German friend Rolf finally comes to visit again (in 2021, perhaps), he will be amazed at the extent of the improvements. I’m already amazed, even though I planned and directed them. 🙂 That is, the ideas for the changes were and are in my mind, but the fabulous execution is in Dave’s capable hands.

        Right now, he’s upstairs working on refinishing the wood of the cabinets and around the mirrors. That’s in a golden oak shade. A while ago, we discussed even more plans for other parts of the house. One thing leads to another, as fixing up one area lets me see better how much needs to be done in another area. The whole process is both fascinating and fun. It’s also creative in its own way.

        Patty, you talked last year, I think it was, about some very extensive clutter-clearing that you managed. Again, I congratulate you on that. I know that few things feel as good as managing some of that.Getting rid of unneeded, unwanted STUFF makes it far easier to then have painting, etc. done in the house.

        If anyone else reading this has had a really good experience when it came to home refurbishing of any type, I’d be happy to hear about it. Let’s spread the happiness! 🙂


  8. I’m the author of five books, my most recent one being a novel called The Red Dress. You can learn more by visiting my website at http://www.abbiejohnsontaylor.com.


  9. Huh. I have no idea why it says that my last post went up at 7:26 pm. It’s 12:30 pm here in Denver right now, barely into the afternoon. Oh, well. No matter.


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