AUTHOR’S CORNER: White Christmas #Monday Musical Memories

Good morning campbellsworld visitors and Happy Monday!

This morning as snow flies in our weather forecast, I bring to you author blogger Abbie Johnson Taylor and her Musical Memory.

Please click on over and enjoy.


via White Christmas #Monday Musical Memories

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2 Responses to AUTHOR’S CORNER: White Christmas #Monday Musical Memories

  1. Thank you, Patty, for re-blogging. If snow is in your forecast today, please stay safe.


    • Patty says:

      Hi Abbie.

      You’re welcome for the reblog.

      As to snow, having a Labrador who just happens to be a guide dog though mostly retired helps tremendously in snow. If it gets snowy out I only need to put him into his harness and he will assist me with walking him and making sure we’re safe while he relieves himself.

      People who are blind or visually impaired who don’t have guides simply don’t know the joy in walking in the winter time.

      Campbell is wonderful in snow. It changed my entire outlook on winter when I got him.

      Of course accidents can and do happen. No one is restricted from sliding on icy patches but if one has one’s dog in harness when they go out in it the chances drop considerably.

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