AUTHOR’S CORNER: Her First Turkey (Fiction)

Good morning.

On this Tuesday before Thanksgiving author blogger Abbie Johnson Taylor shares with us a heartwarming Thanksgiving story which also teaches a lesson.

As Abbie says this story was published in the Magnets and Ladders Magazine some years back.

It was also published in the Thanksgiving Edition of the Writer’s Grapevine, November, 2019.

Thanks Abbie for sharing this story with us.


via Her First Turkey (Fiction)

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1 Response to AUTHOR’S CORNER: Her First Turkey (Fiction)

  1. Thank you, Patty, for re-blogging, and again, for publishing my story in this month’s issue of The Writer’s Grapevine. I forgot to mention that on my blog. This was one of those posts I scheduled in advance a few weeks ago before I sent my computer in to have the new hard drive installed. My computer was back last week when your publication came out, but I didn’t even think about giving you credit before the post went live. I’ll rectify that so future readers will see it. I’m so sorry.


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