5 Ways Lucid Dreaming Can Improve Your Life

For the past month or so I’ve been having very vivid dreams.
During the last three nights, I’ve had the same dream and even when I wake, go to the bathroom and return to sleep they continue.
Each night for the past three nights, the dreams have been longer and more things have happened.
This morning I woke from the dream yet again, and declared that I would find a way to learn what the people in the dream are trying to tell me.
Now, here’s this post. I don’t believe in coincidences.
Thanks GrannyMoon for posting.

GrannyMoon's Morning Feast

5 Ways Lucid Dreaming Can Improve Your Life

Sleeping Woman

Imagine you are walking along minding your own business when, without warning, a tiger with rippling muscles and velvety stripes bounds into your path. You stare in shock into its glowing eyes, and your body kicks into a reaction of fear: adrenaline pumps, your heart jumps, you break into a terrified sweat. The tiger snarls, and you know he’s about to spring you.

Then, thank goodness, you understand the truth of the situation—you are dreaming!

Yes; this is a dream tiger, and no matter what happens next, you know that afterwards you will wake up safely in your bed with no torn flesh, no mauled limbs. Relief flows through you, along with the super-lucid clarity of knowing that you are “awake inside a dream.” Your vision sharpens, your heart slows… and your fear dissolves. You…

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1 Response to 5 Ways Lucid Dreaming Can Improve Your Life

  1. I don’t dream often anymore, but when I do it is always about my son’s illness.


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