Recycling and environmental news 11th Nov 2019…Time to say no to plastic bags…

Here, readers is an important topic we all need to become more involved with.

I recycle, reuse, and I carry my own shopping bag and backpack for carrying my groceries and other goods home from the store in.

The only thing I use bags for is picking up after Campbell. I’ve just not found a blind friendly scooper, but I don’t buy bags for this, I reuse things like bread bags, and other’s grocery bags. So that helps.

If anyone’s got ideas, I’d be way glad to hear of those.

In the meantime, click on over and see what Carol’s got to say.


via Recycling and environmental news 11th Nov 2019…Time to say no to plastic bags…

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2 Responses to Recycling and environmental news 11th Nov 2019…Time to say no to plastic bags…

  1. NY state is implementing a single-use plastic bag ban as of this coming new year, 2020. The executive of Erie County, where I live, is the driving force behind this. I really like Mark Poloncarz, I’ve voted for him in every election, but I don’t agree with him on this one. I keep all my single-use plastic bags & use them for all kinds of things … putting the cat turds & urine lumps from the cat box is one of their uses. I have switched over to newspaper but it just doesn’t work as well. Another thing I use plastic bags for is for picking up cans & bottles in the neighborhood when I take walks. I usually pick up at least 4-5 cans/bottles every walk. Since they are always dirty, I don’t want to put them into a reusuable shopping bag; I want to use something I can discard afterward.

    I agree that seeing these bags stuck in trees & shrubbery is a drag but banning them is NOT going to end this plague. & it’s the tip of the ice burg when it comes to litter, a fact I keep pointing out to our esteemed county executive. In fact, I walked up Hertel Ave. (the main drag in my neighborhood) & took pictures of the gutters & sidewalks … all the cigarette butts, plastic cups, styrofoam carry-out containers, etc. that are EVERYWHERE & sent them to him. Of course, I got no response. I used to work in county government & I’m a well-known agitator. Still, it pissed me off. People like me … especially those of us who are disabled & do not drive … depend on single-use plastic bags & banning them only make life harder & more expensive for us.

    The thing is … it’s all about the $$$$$$$. SOMEONE IS MAKING MONEY OFF THIS DEAL. As a paralegal, I was taught to “follow the money”. We used to get our plastic bags for free. We used to hear, “Paper or plastic” … now we have to bring our own bags or PAY for a bag. Who is benefiting from this? Who is making the money here?

    Saving the environment, my ass. It’s all about money.

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    • Patty says:

      Hello silverapplequeen.
      Thank you so much for reading and for commenting.
      First of all, while I agree that we must reduce the amount of plastics being used in our society, I also agree that to a certain extent we must find other ways of doing things. We are indeed a product of our progress and progress is not always positive.
      I too use plastic bags for things like pickup of Campbell’s leavings, and for gathering recyclables and litter when I come across it.
      I reuse things like bread and produce bags so that I am not throwing so much plastic away.
      I am a totally blind guide dog user, or cane traveler, and do not drive. I ride the bus and use either a backpack or large shopping bag that our bus company gives its passengers for carrying home my goods.
      I do not have my groceries and other items bagged when I do this. There are times when I carry both the pack and shopping bag. I understand that hardship.
      I also agree that funding for recycling is being misused and I do not think we should be selling plastic bags. What I’d like to see is grocery stores and other establishments have a return box for plastic bags so that they could be reissued to buyers. This would cut down on a lot of waste.


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