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NOVEMBER 1, 2019.



Here we are in the month of November. Under the sign of Scorpio. I’m a Scorpio. I am just like the descriptions of Scorpio proclaim. Hardworking, loving, caring and kind. I keep my secrets and I don’t always trust easily. I can be impulsive, and sometimes, well, most times that gets me in trouble.

It’s just 8 days till my birthday not counting today. I’ll be 52 years old on the 9TH at 10:30 A.M. I hope to have the money to have a great bottle of wine, a nice steak to cook, and a great book to read. Maybe some kind of chocolate. I’ll not ask for more than that. I can’t think of much else I’d want. Oh, I suppose I can think of lots of things I want but that is a nice birthday wish.

I woke up at a little after 1 and made myself go back to sleep. Dozed fitfully until 2:30 and danced with the pillows until just after 3. Finally got up and started my day.

After washing face, brushing teeth and hair, and washing up a bit I put on leggings and a tie-dyed sweatshirt, and made a cup of coffee. I forgot to thaw out a carton of milk, so I’m drinking it black. I prefer creamer but I’m out. I love coffee any way that I can get it and this morning it’s good, hot, and strong.

The weather was nasty yesterday. It rained and the wind was furiously strong. Then midafternoon the temps started dropping and by sundown it was starting to feel downright chili. When I woke up this morning it was 36 degrees. BURR. But, I’m comfy in my big sweatshirt, and leggings, and my fleece lined socks are cozy warm too.

Honestly though I didn’t sleep all that long, I feel great. I love the quiet solitude of early morning, and the day promises to be a good one.

I’m to catch a ride with my friend Dave this morning to Food City. After I’m done I’ll take the bus home. There are a couple things I need, and I also have to get cash to pay the maintenance man with. I’m having someone come to rehang the shower curtain rod and hopefully fix my handheld showerhead. Oddly enough his name is Dave too.

After he’s gone I’m going to spend some more time reading a client’s latest book and just hangout a while. Probably write too. I have to get my Miss Mazie story finished and I need to start on the 3RD part of my manuscript.

Tomorrow I’m going to start the arduous task of putting together the Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing (Author, Blogger, Business Assist) Holiday Edition: Books and Those Who Make Them Happen catalog which I hope to have ready to release by Cyber Monday just after Thanksgiving. Considering I probably won’t go anywhere for Thanksgiving, I may just hold up and do the final touches that day. Anyone reading want to be in the catalog? Author, Blogger, or Business Owner we’ve got room for you. Drop me an email to learn more. (

Well, coffee cup is almost empty, and email awaits. I’m getting a good jump on the day today and I like it.






campbell and his mom


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