Interview With Author Dan Alatorre (by Author Heather Kindt)

Here folks is an interview worth reading.
I hope you’ll take the time.
Dan has helped me in ways he doesn’t even know about so have a look.

Dan Alatorre

This insightful interview by Heather Kindt is one of my faves. You can read a little here, but be sure to click over and read the rest at her blog. Lots of good tips, and I really enjoyed her interview style. Proud she referred to me as one of her mentors!

Best-selling author, Dan Alatorre sat down with me recently to chat about his writing and his advice for new authors. He holds a special place in my heart because he has helped me launch my writing career through his contest.


(10/22/2019 update: we no longer do the Word Weaver Writing Contests)

I will include a link to his current contest at the bottom of this post. Now, sit back and enjoy Dan’s “been there, done that” wisdom.

When and how did you first start writing?

Technically, I always wrote. If you’d have asked me that ten years…

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