Solar Tribe Samhain Rite of Hel ~ All Hearts Welcome
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Welcome to The Witches Season, Beloved Tribe!

The veil between this realm and the next is thin. Set your altars and lay your offerings for the Ancestors have arrived. Blessings upon your heart in this season of the sacred Shadow.

Our Sisterhood of the Moon website is full of Fall offerings! Please see the new schedule of rituals, classes, salons, and more!

In Love We Trust,
Priestess Sabrina Moon
HP, Solar Tribe & Honey Hive


Solar Tribe Samhain
Rite of Hel, Keeper of the Hidden Gates
Tuesday, October 29, 2019
~ All Hearts Welcome ~ Adults Only ~
Doors open at 7 p.m.; Circle is cast by 7:30 p.m.
Tribute/Exchange: $33-$13 Sliding Scale;
~Please Register Here~
Hayward Locale (Private Home) and Directions Given Upon RSVP
Solar Tribe rituals are open to All persons of integrity of all genders who seek the loving embrace of the Mother Goddess.
Hel By Helutag
Hel Helja Hlifi-Nauma Dauðadagr Drottningr Hela Hela

Hel Hel-yah Hlee-fee-Now-mah Dow-tha-dahg-ur Droat-ning-gur Hel-ah Hel-ah.

Hel, Hel Mound Guardian Death-day Queen Hela Hela ~ by  Raven Kaldera


Under Diana’s Bow glowing in the realm of Sagittarius, warmed by fire in our Grove, and the chill of the night sky upon our skin we will gather at the the Gates of Hel. Transformation and celebration are called for upon Samhain night!

She Who is Mistress of the Deathlands, Great Mother of the Underworld, calls for your presence in honor of Samhain rites. Hel, Keeper of the Hidden Gates, Caregiver of Souls, and Mistress of the Unseen pulls back the veiled gates for entry into the Underworld.

Hel, Norse Queen of Helheim, shows us the balance of life and death, the point at which two cycles meet and one ceases to exist. Keeper of Secrets, She is the Altar of Mystery for the sorrows and experiences we have no words for to be placed upon. She is everywhere there is a crossroad to choose or a decision to be made. She exists in the Frozen Realm embracing and caring for the lost and those who have no Hall to return to in death.
Proper preparation is the best way to manifest what you want. Please honor your sweet soul by reading this invitation carefully and following all of the instructions ~ Thank You

From Tahlia Took: Hel represents a time of simultaneous endings and beginnings, the point at which the circle is completed. She can also indicate integrity, as opposites unite to form a stronger whole.

Please spend some time in your daily practice contemplating the place where endings and beginnings are cycling within you.

To participate in this gathering please bring the following:

A Black Novena (Please only use unscented candles in leak proof containers. No tapers please. This protects our sacred clothes from spilled wax.)
Offerings for  Goddess Hela & Samhain: Bones & Skulls, Runes, Black Stones & Crystals, Blades, Geese, Stars, Pomegranates, Roses, Pumpkins, Black Feathers, Libations, Ashes of the Mighty Dead/Ancestors, Handwritten Notes to Loved Ones Passed, Photos of Loved Ones, Marigolds, Mugwort, Brooms
Drums or other instruments (if you have any)
Tribe Tribute $33-$13 Register Here ~ Please take sacred responsibility for your Tithe.
Something to sit on and whatever else you need for comfort.
Full Water Bottle & Drinking Vessel
A potluck dish to share for our feast and your serving utensils. Please leave no food or trash behind. *We are a green community. Please leave nothing behind.*
Please be on time.

We will be moving in and out of our Sanctuary and Grove for our workings. It can become chilly when the Sun goes down and warm when the room is full! Please dress accordingly. We must be physically comfortable to create successful magick.

RSVP directly to Priestess Sabrina Moon via email: Sabrina@SisterhoodoftheMoon.org. Since we are not a drop-in circle, I need to hear individually via email from those who plan to attend.  Please do not show up at circle if you haven’t RSVPED directly to me.

Even if you cannot attend this particular ritual, we very much appreciate any connections you can help to foster between the Solar Tribe and those wild hearts we have not met. Please forward this invitation to those interested; ask them to contact us directly if they wish to attend; or direct them to our website for Invitation List sign-up.

Who is Solar Tribe?
Solar Tribe is an “All Hearts Welcome” open circle celebrating the turn of the sacred Wheel. These rituals are open to all people of integrity—all genders, ages, and magickal experience—who seek connection within the loving embrace of the Mother Goddess. Children are always welcome unless otherwise noted in the ritual invitation. Our rituals and celebrations are deeply rooted in honoring our Ancestors and ancient traditions as well as stepping into the now using experiential aspects of magick. The High Priestess and Creatrix of Solar Tribe is Priestess Sabrina Moon with loving support and collaboration from Sister-Priestesses, Creatrixes, and Knights of the Goddess.

Solar Tribe with Priestess Sabrina Moon
More About Norse Goddess Hel


More About Samhain

Yggdrasil ~ The World Tree

For more information about the Solar Tribe, Honey Hive, or Sisterhood of the Moon communities, please see our beautiful website: www.SisterhoodoftheMoon.org
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