Another Chance at Life: A Breast Cancer Survivor’s Journey by Leonore H. Dvorkin

Today, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’d like to invite you to read the following information about a very important book by author editor Leonore Dvorkin.

I encourage all women to go straight away to your favorite book buying site and pick up a copy of this most important book.

Once you’ve read, I hope that you will review the book as well.

If you’ve read this book before, and never reviewed, I encourage you to do so and please do write to Leonore to let her know your thoughts.

As always if you find this post useful in some way you’re welcome to share.

Thank you for reading and blessid be.


Leonore Breast Cancer Book CoverThird edition C 2012 / 154 pages in print

In e-book ($3.99) and print ($9.95) from Amazon and other online sellers.

The second edition (C 2009) is also in audio from Audible.


About the book:


In 1998, at the age of 52, I had breast cancer and a left-side mastectomy, with no reconstruction. That was my eighth major operation, but my first for the treatment of a life-threatening disease.

Almost immediately after the operation, I became aware that there were unexpected benefits to be reaped from this experience, benefits which ended up changing my life and many of my attitudes. Eventually I decided to write a book detailing those many benefits and my thoughts on a variety of topics related to health, health care, self-image, and the value of courage and optimism in the face of adversity.

Surviving breast cancer left me a happier, calmer, more focused, and more appreciative person. Now my principal message to other women is that breast cancer does not have to be an entirely negative, terror-inducing experience. On the contrary, it can leave them better off than they were before, both physically and emotionally. I know, because it happened to me. My book is primarily the story of that physical and emotional journey.

The five appendices offer practical information on risk factors for breast cancer, ways to help prevent it, and more.

Full details:


There you will find the cover image (with a woodland photo by the author), a photo of the author, a list of chapter titles, a link to the Introduction and text selections, multiple review quotes, direct buying links, and more.


Selected review quotes:


“Beautiful, moving, informative, uplifting.” – Lee Christopher, retired English professor and author


“An unusual and important perspective on the experience of having breast cancer.” – Melanie Tem, author


“A terrific read…well-written, frank, and honest. This book’s many hard-won truths make it truly special and inspiring.” – Nina Romberg, author


“An uplifting and powerful story with a very attractive message.” – Vivian Manning, Barrie, Ontario, Canada


“Leonore Dvorkin writes with refreshing simplicity and lack of woe. The book reads like a novel, so engaging is her style. She ends her story with a gentle, reflective chapter of great wisdom called ‘Aging, Accepting, and Appreciating.’ This book is the epitome of healing after trauma.” – Patricia Wellingham-Jones in Recovering the Self magazine


Description of the cover by the author:


I took this photo in northwestern Germany in the summer of 1988, 10 years before I had cancer or ever dreamed I would contract it. Once it came time to publish my book, I knew this would make the ideal cover image. It shows a straight woodland path, with sunlight filtering through the dark, slender trees on either side of the path. At the far end of the path is a much brighter spot of sunshine. I see it as the perfect symbol of my physical and emotional journey through and after cancer.








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