Wild Woolly by Phillip Reed

Love it!

Wanda Luthman's Children's Books

Hello everyone,

Today, I bring you a fun book about a black cat and if you know anything about me, you know I love black cats!

Here’s the author, Phillip Reed, to tell us about his book…

The story of Wild Woolly was born of three words. For me the fun part of writing a book is bringing all the pieces together and making them fit, and I wanted a challenge so I asked a friend to give me three random words, or things and I would make them into a story.
SPOILERS AHEAD!! – They gave me “Bully”, “Lion” and (because they REALLY wanted to challenge me) “Hospital water jug”.
The result is this book which I am very proud of because I wrote it in a single night (the illustrations of course took a lot longer). It tells the story of Woolly, a cat who treats everyone badly…

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