Book of the Day

Congratulations to Lynda for her accomplishment.

Gifts of the Spirit

Article #211

September 22, 2019

Book of the Day

  “I want to support you and I want to be the first to

kick-off your Pre-Orders for the new book!”

This was what I was told at my recent visit to my eye specialist.

I think I floated out of that office –

I don’t remember my feet touching the ground.

Some days are like this. Some are not.

He has examined my eyes as he has done for the past 12 years, as I lost most of my sight suddenly in 2007. He has encouraged me in my writing and art projects and told me how proud he is of the way I have refused to let sight loss side-line me.

Not only did I leave his office with a great report from my scans today, that everything is holding and I am not losing more sight at this time…

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2 Responses to Book of the Day

  1. thank you for re-blogging my post today, Patty.
    What a great way to celebrate the final day of Summer.
    thank you Teagan R. for your kind “LIKE” on this, too.


    • Patty says:

      Hi Lynda.

      You’re so very welcome.

      You’re also correct in that it’s a wonderful way to spend the last day of Summer.

      I’d also like to acknowledge the fact that you took the time to thank someone for liking your post. I think that’s magnificent and something we all, me included should do.

      Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. We’ve had a bit of a distraction here.

      Two cats have adopted us. I’ve been all evening yesterday, and all morning getting them settled onto our back deck with food bedding etc.

      Then I had to make arrangements with my vet to get them seen to.


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