WORDPRESS WEDNESDAY-FEATURED BUSINESS OF THE WEEK: Elephant March Talisman by Heidi Lambert McClure of Sassafras Hill Studio

Have you ever wondered what goes into making a piece of jewelry? Wondered about all the little beads, stones, or shells found on a talisman? Well, wonder no more.

Here is, Heidi Lambert McClure owner of Sassafras Hill Studio to tell us how the beautiful piece shown in the photo came to be.

Be sure to check out her Jewelry and other items at: https://www.facebook.com/SassafrasHillStudio


Elephant March Talisman

“Elephant March”

A One of a kind hand beaded Talisman Necklace. This piece features a Silver Celtic square off to the left of center surrounded by layers of protruding golden, brown glass beads. Off to the right of this there are two rows of three silver marching Elephants separated by a row of three silver Celtic bars. The whole background of this piece is covered in waves and lines of silver & glass beads along with Agate stone chips.


When I make a piece like this I begin with a piece of fabric and interfacing ironed together. I then place a focal bead on and work from there. In this piece it was the Celtic square. Every bead and gemstone are stitched in place one at a time.  Everything is stitched through multiple times in the process to ensure the stability of my work.


Once I am satisfied with my work it is ready to be closed forever.

**This is when I can add a lock of hair or fur, a loved one’s picture or a baggie with ashes for you.

I begin at the top of the Talisman just off center and bead a “Brick Stitch” with seed beads through all three layers all the way around the piece until I get back to the top. Once I am back to the top, I make a beaded loop and attach the bail. I then go back through all the outer stitches one more time just for re-enforcement.


I then get up and stretch my neck and smile!



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