Good morning everyone, and HAPPY TUESDAY!

This morning I want to share with you an entry I made in my journal. Before I do, a bit of backstory.

At the beginning of September, after reading a blog post about free flow writing and how it can help you improve your writing skill, I sat myself a goal that I’d start a journal for September, and write in it each morning before doing anything else. Well, I must say it’s been rather interesting to see what my brain latches onto to write about first thing in the morning. This morning however, I had very specific material in my brain to work with, and here it is below just as I wrote it.

*Note* I solemnly decree that the following is the truth.


Dang, do I feel cruddy this morning. Hate to open an entry like that but truly, that’s how I feel. I guess missing that dose of antiviral medication yesterday made more of a difference than I thought. Well, I’m back on track, and will be sure to take all of them without fail today.

I’ve been having the strangest dreams lately. Night before last, I dreamed my mom and I were shopping for hoodies. I know where the hoody part came from. That was because I was looking at a list of 90TH reunion merchandise for sale from The Seeing Eye’s reunion gathering this year, but how my mom ended up in the mix is beyond me. I hope I have enough money leftover after I pay my bills to buy one, but they are rather expensive so I might just have to settle for a T-shirt or tote. Either way I want something. All these years of being a Seeing Eye Dog handler and I’ve got no Seeing Eye Swag.

Anyhow, back to the dreams. Last night, or maybe early this morning, sometime after my 11:30 pee I dreamed that I was living in that trailer my daughter and I used to live in years ago that was out in my parent’s back yard. It was remodeled and had an extra bedroom added onto it and I was living with these two guys. One was a responsible hardworking intelligent guy, but he had a friend who needed a place to stay that he let move in with us and that guy was a flake. He didn’t want to work, didn’t want to help around the house, and he kept giving Campbell soda to drink when our backs were turned. I think I was in a relationship with the good one. His name was Mark, but the other one was a real pain in the ass. At the moment I cannot remember his name, but anyhow, in the dream, I was asking them to look at the vacuum cleaner and telling them that the brushes on the floor head needed cleaned. Then, the dream switched, it was morning, and I walked into the kitchen to find there was no coffee, and no tea. I was grumpy, and reached into the frig to get a soda. Now, Mark and I had an arrangement where he kept his sodas on one side of the bottom shelf of the frig and I kept mine on the other because I of course cannot see, and couldn’t in the dream, and he could, so anyhow, I reached into the frig, took out what I thought were my Pepsis, opened the can, and took a drink. “Yuck!” I exclaimed. “What in the fuck?” Mark came into the kitchen and took the can from me and declared, “Oh shit! This is Dr. Pepper bacon rum flavor. Sorry looks like dude put his sodas in front of yours. I’ll speak to him about it, sorry babe.” And with that nonsense I woke the hell up.

Is there such a thing is Bacon Rum flavored Dr. Pepper? I hope to hell not. That was the nastiest thing I ever tasted, and the weird part, my brain actually conjured up the flavor. GEES. No idea what that means. Nothing in my day had that in it except for well, come to think of it, the vacuum floor head brushes do need cleaning out, and I am out of coffee, but I’ve got tea and thank Goddess.

Speaking of tea, time to make another cup. All for now.

Oh yeah. Bus runs today here, so got to get going early.

Peace out!


*Note* And that’s it. That’s what I dreamed, and that’s what I wrote in my journal. Here I’ve categorized it Nocturnal Journal because it fits a series I started long ago and I’m trying to do better about keeping my blog categorized. Another tip from reading blog posts at work. LOL.

Alright, off for another cup of tea.

Do you have weird dreams? Want to share one? If so drop me a reply.

Thanks for reading and blessid be.


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2 Responses to NOCTURNAL JOURNAL: Weird Dreams

  1. I’m a Dr.Pepper-aholic, and as far as I know, there’s no bacon rum flavor, but don’t hold your breath. Thanks for the good laugh, although I realize you didn’t find it funny at the time.


    • Patty says:

      Hi Abbie.

      I used to drink Dr. Pepper when I was in high-school. Got sick on it once when I had the flu and was never able to drink it again after that.

      Actually when I woke up, I thought the whole thing rather hysterically funny. I think the strangest thing for me though was that my brain actually created that taste. Never had such an experience ever.

      Thanks for reading and for commenting.

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