Farewell To Summer

Here we are at the end of August, and thanks be also to the end of summer. While I know there are sure to be warm days ahead during the month of September, for my part fall could start right now and stay long as it liked.

This morning we woke to 55 degrees, and though it is forecast to get into the 80’s by end of day, the humidity is less, and somehow the breezes aren’t quite as warm.

For the past two weeks the geese have been heading out each morning as the sun rises, and I’ve begun to notice fewer birds during mine and Campbell’s early morning sniff fests. No doubt fall is not far off, and this suits me fine.

There were times during my younger days when I couldn’t wait for the heat of summer, and extra daylight in the sky, but as I get older I find I enjoy the fall most of all.

The summer has been filled with much triumph. My business is seeing more growth with new clients and contract renewals, I’ve begun to find more solutions to problems which have plagued me for many moons, our neighborhood bus stop is back on the corner, and I’m closer than ever before to finding a place to move.

Campbell and I are adjusting to his having finally given up his harness for good, and tentative plans are being made for me to return to The Seeing Eye in spring of 2020 for a successor dog.

I’m a bit nervous about doing this as Campbell and I are quite set into a routine, but our bond is strong, and I believe that we shall face this new challenge just as we have done with all others we’ve encountered over our nearly nine years together.

Today as I sat eating lunch which was provided by the United Way Meals On Wheels program I was reminded of school days gone by. There was a hamburger, canned corn, and sliced canned peaches with a pint carton of milk, and I thought to myself, “Even this tastes like fall.

So as I sit here writing this to you, listening to the lawn guys out in the yard doing their thing I wave a happy farewell to summer, and wish it a long trip round the globe.

What about you dear reader? Are you glad summer is fading and that fall is in the wind, or do you wish for it to hang around a bit longer?

What pray tell is your favorite season, and why? Do let us know in reply.

For now, this is Patty who wishes her Bubba would hurry home from boarding saying…

May harmony find you, and blessid may you be.



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2 Responses to Farewell To Summer

  1. tidalscribe says:

    Autumn is in the air here, leaves seem to be falling early. It was very hot last weekend, but pleasant now. After being away for five days my plant tubs were crying out for water. Now my water butts are empty. I love seasons, after spending my teenage years in Australia I appreciate having four seasons in England.


    • Patty says:

      I love hearing from folks round the earth. Thanks so much for commenting. It’s a tad warm here but even though it’s 82 degrees the air is different and even the sun doesn’t feel quite so hot.

      Honestly other than the slick icy weather I am even looking forward to winter. I love the time to reflect and rest. To renew and revise.

      I never understood the importance of fall and winter until I got onto the spiritual path I now walk.

      Liked by 1 person

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