CarolCooks2…Weekly Roundup…Schooldays, Salpicon and much more

Please do click on over and enjoy this post.
Make sure, as Carol suggests that you’re settled in comfortably for a good read.
This post is much like a good magazine.

Retired? No one told me!

Just in case you missed any posts this week…Or you like to do what I do and that’s snuggled down in my favourite chair and have a read…They are all here in one post so grab your favourite chair and a drink, settle down and enjoy…There are recipes, music and more…You could even add a healthy snack of popcorn, your favourite music and read…Enjoy!

lady eating popcorn-3281583_640

First up I was invited to share my schooldays over at the lovely Norah’s…I had to dig deep as my very early years apart from getting the sense of being happy I can’t remember teachers names…Obviously, that changed as I got older I hope you enjoy learning more about this (sometimes) opinionated whimsical English lady…x

Carol Taylor's thirst for learning and inquisitive mind

I have always loved this photo of me such peace and innocence on my face…

Monday...The official start of a new week saw lots of goods new in my…

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2 Responses to CarolCooks2…Weekly Roundup…Schooldays, Salpicon and much more

  1. CarolCooks2 says:

    Thank you so much, Patty, for the reblog 🙂 I hope you and King Campbell had a wonderful weekend 🙂 It has rained much of the weekend here but still warm and I had a lovely walk in the rain 🙂 No I am not too mad just slightly depending on whom you ask…haha…I do love the rain though and coupled with the sun here is why it is so green…I love the tropical climate 🙂 Enjoy your week 🙂 x


    • Patty says:

      Hi Carol.

      I too love to walk in the rain. King Campbell and I trained together in the rain. When I went to N.J. (New Jersey) to train at The Seeing Eye Inc. it rained the first 14 days I was there.

      It was wonderful and horrible all in the same moment.

      I don’t think you’re madd at all.

      You’re welcome for the share, and have a great week.

      Campbell and I did have a good weekend.


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