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Here’s a very important health article everyone should take the time to read.
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Recently, Carol Taylor and I shared a series on how to include food in your diet to avoid nutritional deficiency .. In the autumn we will be moving on from vitamins to minerals.

You can find the posts with some wonderful recipes from Carol in this directory:

There have been some studies that have identified that there is an increase in nutritional deficiency in the diet and here are three articles that are worth reading.

A physician’s warning on the keto diet – Doctor Shivam Joshi

The keto diet has recently garnered much fame for its apparent ability to improve diabetes and obesity – results so impressive the Journal of the American Medical Association recently highlighted the diet and thereby christened it as something more than a low-carb craze. However, not all the evidence supports such a positive outlook, leading the diet to straddle the increasingly blurred lines…

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