Need a favor

My Writerly Friend and fellow author Dan has a favor to ask.
No, he doesn’t need a kidney. Nah, no heart or lung. Nothing hard like that.
Just this. He needs you to click on over, and if you’ve read the books within this box set he references here give a review.
Heck, why not buy the whole thing and review it all?
I’ve reviewed The Gamma Sequence and when first of the month comes, I’ll be picking up this whole thing and reading in complete enjoyment.
Listen folks, reviews are the meat and potatoes of the author. We depend upon book reviews to help sell our work, and to you authors, who say, “Oh I don’t write reviews?” And yeah, I’ve been told such foolery by other “Authors?” Well, let me just remind you…
“Review for others as you’d have them review you.”
OK, lecture over, go, read, and review!

Dan Alatorre

Need a favor. I have a book in Do No Harm, a collaborative box set that went live today. Each author has to get 10 reviews posted for their book. If you have read The Gamma Sequence by me, or Only Wrong Once, by my friend Jenifer Ruff, could you please post a quick review on this link and say it’s for that specific book. Here is the link:

Here is how to find your past reviews so you can just copy.

• Go to Amazon

• Your Account

• Orders and Shopping Preferences

• Your Amazon Profile – should see all your reviews

Thank you!!!

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  1. Gamma Sequence Reviewed!!

    In Kindness, Stephanie Johnson Greene Taylor & Isla’s Mom 561.389.9311

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