Hello everybody.

I hope this works. As you know, I don’t have my computer. So I am trying to find new ways to send you the stories from all the people that tell it to the world marketing represents.

Click this link to read.www.dropbox.com/s/6e8mg1erdwcwys4/Love Notes 889 Cool food for Hot days.docx

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2 Responses to Heartwings

  1. This works. I was able to read it on the Dropbox site without any trouble.

    What an interesting article. I’m just the opposite. I’m too busy writing and prmoting my work and performing to take time to prepare a meal or salad most of the time. So, I’m a heat and serve kind of girl. I do eat salad, but it’s pre-made.


    • Patty says:

      I’m glad to do the heat and serve thing too. But OK usually I like to get into the kitchen and cook. It relaxes me. I tried to cook on the weekends. I cooked yesterday, and had leftovers today. Next week it will be back to heat and serve LOL. Glad this works.

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