Change the Way You See Things

All in a Day's Breath

In this world, we tend to see things according to what we are taught, or by things we think we know because we have seen them with our eyes. But our senses are not always giving us the whole picture, or the correct picture. A lot of times we are afraid as adults of many things that don’t make any sense at all. We are afraid of others we do not know, especially if they are not the same color as we are, or they don’t speak the same language. We fail to see that they are human beings just as we are, and with the same fears and dreams and hopes, the basically same ways of relating to the earth that we do, or perhaps different, but they are still human beings as we are.

We all arrived on this earth by some factor beyond any of us. Whether…

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4 Responses to Change the Way You See Things

  1. Patty, You have a heart of Gold and I hope that whatever people can do to help you by paying it forward will happen for you soon. If I ever have any money that I can not have to use to pay the basics, that some of it will find its way to you. I am trying hard to work on that now, and while I am still broke, I still want you to know how much your efforts are appreciated for all of us. Your day is coming I hope before I can finish this note. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


    • Patty says:

      There are lots of ways to get paid. Money is only one of many. I receive pay every day that my clients and my friends posts are seen by others. All is well. You’re welcome for the share.

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  2. Thank you always, Patty. You are an amazing woman. I am glad I got to know you, really know you.


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