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Outside Myself

by Kristin Witucki

Copyright 2018

When eleven-year-old Tallie, struggling to adjust to her blindness, calls the adult reader services division at a library for the blind, she connects with Benjamin, an elderly customer service representative who is also blind. As they develop a friendship over the phone and eventually meet, they learn about each other. This story is told from Tallie’s and Benjamin’s alternating points of view.

We learn about Benjamin’s life growing up: how, as a boy, he denied his visual impairment along with his parents and how, as an adult, he lost his vision and came to terms with his total blindness. This is in contrast to Tallie attending public school and receiving braille textbooks and other accommodations. At the end, the author, who is also blind, explains how she was inspired to write the book.

I’m glad I read this. Although it’s written for young…

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2 Responses to Outside Myself #Thursday Book Feature

  1. Thank you for the re-blog, Patty. For anyone wanting the book in an accessible format, it’s available on BARD.


    • Patty says:

      Hi, you are welcome for the Blog. Let’s put the website so people know what you’re talking about. When Abbie says BARD he is talking about the national library for the blind and physically handicapped actually it’s national library services for the blind and physically handicapped. And it can be found at: bard.loc.gov This is not just for persons who are blind or visually impaired. So be sure to check this out today. You might qualify in someway. Or, you might know someone who does.

      Get Outlook for iOS


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